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Need advise for expectant woman...
I'd like to make a shawl for the daughter of a friend who's expecting her first baby so that it will wrap both the mother and baby when breast feeding or bottle feeding (however she will choose). I've bought Caron Big Cakes skein in
Boysenberry color. Would you have advise to give as to what shape would be best (triangular, rectangular, crescent) and if you have links for free patterns that would be even greater. The shawl has to be quite long and large imo.
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Cabled hat - I couldn’t attach to my post about cables/beanies!
Here it is in blue but I also made a green one in lovely soft merino.

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Cabbage Patch Treasures - For Sale
I've received a surprising number of offers to purchase the Cabbage Patch Treasures web site entire when we close in a short while.

The financial offers have also been quite surprising. Considering the reason why the site is closing, I can't even begin to guess what is behind the offers.

However, the site, the domain name or the pattern contents are not for sale. But thank you anyway. I suppose it's a bit of a compliment - I don't know.

If you want the patterns then just go ahead and buy them in the usual way. They should all be priced at £1.49. If you see any that I've missed pricing down then tell
me before you buy and not afterwards!

Cabbage Patch Treasures will certainly close before Christmas holiday and will not re-open.

Thanks - M
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Tea Party Gifts
This will be my 22nd year to host my Christmas Afternoon Tea Party! 12/9
This year I made all Christmas color dishcloths/hot pads & a boot to put them in. All different patterns...Always try to find a fun project to make
& knit every year.

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Willie likes it
I gave the bandana and the washscrubbycloth to the giftees today.
Willie looks so darn cute in it. And his Mom really liked her washscrubbycloth, too.

I posted the bandana and the washcloth and other pics earlier

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Cow pattern neck scarf
I am looking for a crocheted cow print neck scarf. Also a crocheted cow plastic bag holder. I have a granddaughter who collects cows.
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Looking for a pattern
I have a friend who wants to knit a baby layette. She is not an expert knitter, so would like something simple.
I am in the process of moving and have “unearthed” many boxes of yarn. Some may be even be from my last move, 30 years ago, I say that with a red face. I’m sure no one reading this is a yarn hoarder. Any way I will supply her with the yarn, I’m just looking for a simple pattern that she can do.
Thanks in advance.
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"Berry Nice" poncho
LYS pattern. Wool is Baa, Ram, Ewew. DK weight. Hope to get a lot of wear from this one.

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Help with meaning of this:
3Increase on last row to 129 sts thus:
Pattern 6. (increase on next st. Pattern 3 increase on next st Pattern 4) 11 times

The cast on is 106 sts.
This is the last row of the ribbing on the
Aran pattern called Maloney, paid pattern and there’s no one there
that helps with knitting.
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Miracle Needed
My daughter has been trying to start a family for more than nine years. She has undergone at least one dozen surgeries, multiple painful procedures, two miscarrages, etc., etc. Her doctor suggested that she stop trying. She is now searching for a surrogate. If you know anyone or if anyone you know, knows anyone, please e-mail
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