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Frosty and friends.
For the craft sale.

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Have fun at Rhinebeck!
To all my friends and KPers attending the Wool and Sheep Festival this weekend, have a wonderful time. Do to my current status I am unable to go for the first time in years. I keep thinking of all the yarn and fun I will miss, as well as lunch with my buddy Kathy. Please post pics of the yarn you purchased so I can enjoy vicariously!
Hopefully, next year....

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selling my knitted items and crochet items
I have been trying to sell my knit and my wife's crochet items. I have tried to sell them on FB and also on etsy but have not done very good. I have several times on etsy doing their recommend ways to sell and none have worked I have sold about 5 items and FB the same thing. We have sold better at the craft shows but still not good. I hope someone can help on this manner. I have knitted abotu 8 years and my wife has crochet for 27 years.
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Looking for a specific sock pattern that was "showcased" here
I either can't use the Search feature correctly (I get results back from 2012, but nothing recently) or it's just too early in the a.m.

A month or so ago, someone showed off some beautiful socks that were knitting in a sorta solid colour with short spirts of colour. The pattern was a slip stitch pattern which spiraled around the was an amazing looking sock!!!

Does anyone but me remember this??? Keep in my, I'm trying to get over two total knee replacements since June 18, so who knows if it really exists!
Thanks Y'all!!
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Modern colors for Christmas Stockings
A family member asked me to knit Christmas Stockings in gray and white with snowflakes. I'm always happy to knit for family. I purchased a pattern for the Waving Santa from I used the pattern for the basic stocking and then used duplicate stitch to create the snowflakes. The pattern was originally part of kit sold in the 60's.

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Cascade Saturday Cardigan
I have just sent for the wool to make this cardigan in Cascade 128 wool. It is top down which I have never done before.. any tips ?
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Victoria Jumper
Took awhile! Had to tink back the collar....felt like it should be for Ichabod Crane!

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Blue seas
This is my version of the scrap sweater...did the 2 year old size. A very simple, fast project
Added a bonnet to make it a set

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My first garment, a hat
I wanted to knit something on my machine and one of my co-workers wanted a hat, so I decided to do a trial run using a pattern/description for one made on a single bed without ribbing.
The pattern is in German, and I used google translate to find out what I neede to do. Then I tried the yarn. It's a bit fuzzy and a bit thicker than what I have been able to knit properly so far, but not too thick for the machine. I had a few loops at the beginning, but they won't show since the hat is double sided. I did the pattern in tuck using card no. 3. That was hard work!
I stitched it together and it was done in a bit less than 4 hours! AMAZING!

My roomey was out for the night so I left it on the table with a note for him to try it on. This morning there was a reply. It fitted very well, and where had I found it? I replied on the note that I knitted it while he was away. Can't wait for his reaction!

It looks so nice, except the bunched top bit, but that's the pattern. I'll change it to make properly nice fitted increases and decreases based on the number of needles and rows. I have a round knitting needle I can use as a transfer tool until I have a garter bar.

I have to look at how you switch to new yarn when you run out, because I played it safe and did it on the ends of the rows.

I used an e-wrap to start it and pulled the yarn end through the loops to gather it at the end (top).

Black fuzzy yarn isn't the best to start with. It's hard to see what you do. I did make it though without dropping any stitches, although it was close at one point.

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Discontinued yarn
I'm looking for this yarn to finish a crocheted lap blanket for my friend's grandmother who started it. The grandmother now has Dementia and can't finish it. My friend doesn't crochet and asked if I would help. I said yes, before I realized the yarn was an older discontinued color. Best case scenario, one of you lovely fiber artists has one or two skeins you would be willing to part with. Worst case, I finish what I can and put a neutral border on it. The newest Red Heart Water Lily is not the same color/doesn't have the same color scheme/ dyelot in it as this one unfortunately.

Thank you for your help!

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