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Owlie Sleep Sack question
I am currently working on the adorable Owlie Sleep Sack and can’t decide if it is better to make it closed as in the original pattern or have it buttoned on the bottom.

I appreciate your input!

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Hole in Project
My niece just finished a shawl (her biggest project so far) and an ember from the fireplace burned a small whole in it. She lives in another state so I can't help her. I gave her a link to patching by Stacy from Very Pink. Anyone have any other suggestions for some good videos?

Here's what it looks like.


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Skacel needles for sale
I have a set of Skacel double point needles, size, 8 inch that I have never used. Want to try knitting sox but gave up. Price for U.S. only $9.00 includes shipping.
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Autumn scarf
Yarn - Alize.
needles 4mm.

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Buffalo state Afghan
I started this around Christmas and just finished it in my sons 25th birthday
He was very surprised .when he would come home to visit, he would ask if I started his Afghan and I would tell him that I was still designing it ,or I just picked out the yarn any excuse to distract him
So when he came home for my birthday it was on his bed waiting for him . He saw so surprised.
Thank you all for looking and the wonderful advice on this forum
Love and peace to you all

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18 " doll clothes
I would like to know where I might get free patterns for an 18" doll. I have found some but there doesn’t seem to be any measurements. Thank you.
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Knitting labels
I am looking for some labels for items that I recently knit. I am looking for a label that would say “Hand knit by Grandma”. But I am not really finding anything like that. I saw some that could be ordered. But it takes quite a while to receive your order according to the reviews.
A while ago I thought they sold this type of label.
Anyone use a label like this in your knitted items? If so can you tell me where to purchase some?
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Knitted Purse
My friend and I knitted identical purses using ribbon yarn she had on hand. With the help of my friend who is also a seamstress, I was able to line the purse. A fun and quick knit.

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Has anyone...?
Has anyone crocheted the pattern "Farmhouse King Size Blanket"? Loveknitting is researching an answer for my question ... but I thought maybe one of you would be able to help.
I purchased the pattern (which is extremely easy) and went to look at the yarn and it said the amount needed was for a smaller size ... 80x58 which is smaller than I wanted. I am not good at adjusting a pattern (other than than to make it longer) which is why I purchased this pattern.

Anyway ... wandered if any of you have completed it and what size did you get? and How much yarn per color?
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Sock knitting
I have knit a couple pairs of socks many years ago so have basic knowledge. However, I know have swollen legs to the point it is hard to find socks that fit. If doing toe up, I am wondering if I should increase number of stitches as I go up or change to a larger size needle. I would probable have to do this a couple of times. Am sure knitting in ribbing would allow for more flexibility.
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