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Pushchair/Pram Blanket - Brother260 Bulky
I am looking for a tried and tested pushchair/pram/stroller blanket pattern, roughly 30"x40" to knit on my Brother260 Bulky.

Does anyone have a pattern that they would be willing to share with me, please.

Or, is there somewhere I could source a pattern?

Yarn isn't a problem, but I do seem to have a lot of Worsted Afghan Aran (4) yarn.

Thank you.
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Crocheted a Toothless Dragon
I had images on line as my guide, I did a practice one that my grandson said he would give a good home to and then I redid in the blanket yarn. No pattern.

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It Must Be Possible, So I 'm Going To Master It
After all you guys do it all the time. The pattern is Cascade Yarns Sarasota Textured Top Down Cardigan DK420. I am at the point in the pattern where it says : Begin Raglan and V-neck Shaping:
While working the fronts and back in Moss st and the sleeves in Stockinette st, begin neck increases every 4 rows, or every other RS row 18 times, and begin raglan increases every 2 rows or every RS row 19 times.
Then, continue the raglan increases every 2 rows on the fronts and back 16 times while working the raglan increases on the sleeves every 4 rows 8 times. Each front is 57 sts, each sleeve is 60 sts and the back is 100 sts.

You are starting that on:
4 moss, 2 purl, 6 purl, 2 purl, 30 moss, 2 purl, 6 purl, 2 purl, 4 moss.
That is 4 left front moss, 1st raglan, 6 left sleeve stock. st., 2nd raglan, 30 back moss, 3rd. raglan, 6 right sleeve stock. st., 4th raglan, 4 right front moss. If you can tell me what the following row are supposed to look like I will soldier on.
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Looking for PVC perforated soles and insole for crotchet.
Hi, I'm looking for in inner soles for shoes so I can crotchet myself some shoes. I have done a search and came up with Magic 4kids site but the price is too high. They want about $28Aus. plus $26Aus postage making them Australian $54. Surely some of you out there have crotched their own shoes and hopefully know of where I can get these at a much reduced price. There was one other site (can't remember name) but they don't ship to Australia???

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Found out she is having a girl
I posted a gingham baby blanket last month and it was done in shades of grey. At that time we didn't know what gender it would be. We found out it is a baby girl so I wiped up 5 baby wash clothes and 4 baby bibs in more of the girlish colors to go with the blanket. All done with her gifts and just waiting for the baby shower in September sometime. Jo

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Does this make sense? (k)
I'm back again re the Louet Erin sweater. I finished the back up thru the shoulders and now starting on the front. Chart is in the round but of course now I have to work back and forth as I did on the back. Pattern says starting the front: With RS facing join yarn on left side. How can you do that? Either start on right side and K the row or start on the left and P the row to make the pattern work out. Does it matter which I side I start on? when I did the back I knit to underarm, put stitches on holder for the gusset and continued on the back thru the row and started working back and forth.
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Need suggestions
On what to crochet with all the Lion Brand Homespun yarn I bought during their ten for ten sale. I have 10 skeins of three different colors.
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Hi everyone,
I have not used my machines for years and forgot alot so I am starting from the beginning again.
I have a kh836 with ribber but need to use my kh260 with ribber to familiar myself and will be able to see the needles better.
I have loads of double knit wool and would like to use it on my kh260.
Really at a lose as what to do next.
Have set my machine and ribber up but for the last 6 week just looked at it.
I need to get back into using them but not sure what to do.
Any simple pattern ideas ?
What tension do I put on my dial ?
Cant believe I have forgot nearly everything.
Any suggestions please, I have looked on you tube but still things not coming back to me.
I know if I pack them away they wont be put back up and dont want to do that.
I really want to use them
Thank you
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I need to apologize......
If anyone remembers a previous post about knitting with Patons yarn and how terrible I thought it was because it was splitting so much? Well I’ve just finished my Canadian hat pattern and it seems to have only been on the first couple rows. It was good after that and I enjoyed using it. I am glad I didn’t complain to the company. I am sending a picture of the hat. I tried to get a shot without mistakes but to no avail. I really struggle with ssk’s but after watching many utubes, I think I’ve got it. I need to do the pom pom (i call it) over but I am really just tired of it. I will wear it around the Canadians when we go fishing next month.

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Two mores dolls nice and snug
More dolls ready for the craft fair at the end of the year. The 5" dolls I got on E bay,the pattern can also be bought on E Bay.It is called "The Nursery" by knits and pieces.

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