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Suggestions if you can for a really good light weight yarn
I am planning on making a few two piece twinsets for e,short sleeved round neck sweater and matching cardigan. I have few patterns that call for 4plyUK wool which I am familiar with but I want these to be especially nice so don't want any acrylics etc, Choices are pure wool, wooll with silk added , wool with cashmere added, or all cashmere or all silk or even a good cotton. I particularily want then to be in fine yarn even thinner than 4 ply would be nice to checkout.

Could someone guide me please. I am not concerned about the cost, also if anyone knows of any twinsets patterns I would be very grateful..thank you in advance

You guys are like the best information network and I have seen you do magical things.

Thank you in advance XX Jeannine
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Brioche Patterns
My favorite knitting is lace designs, but I have always admired brioche knitted items. This past year I broke down and bought Knitting Brioche by Nancy Marchand.
I’m part of a prayer shawl ministry and one of the places we knit/crochet for is the Native American Heritage Assn. Our things usually go up around the holidays but are usable most of the year. Does anyone have a suggest or two for a few beginning brioche projects? Brioche always has such a unique, rich look to it.
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What do I need to concider / know when using Shetland wool ?
Hallo everyone , J
Before I start using this natural Shetland wool ,which was given to me , is there anything I need to know ? Does it want a looser tension ? There is about 200g ( 4 ply? )would like to make a make a scarf or cowl , any suggestions ? I have a Singer 260 as well as a Singer Bulky both with ribbers . I know they make beautiful Lace shawls on the Shetland Islands.... , Mmm should I try ???
Greetings and looking foeward to your valuable comments, Ose
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Looking for recommendations for Wool/Yarn shops
I am holidaying in Canada for a couple of months with my daughter and grandkids. I want to start knitting a jacket for my daughter (see photo below) but didn’t have room to pack the wool for this project so looking to order on line from an outlet here in Canada or the USA. The pattern calls for 12 ply or chunky wool/yarn and I want a wool or wool blend, something that is warm and light, so local and knowledgeable KPers what/who are your reliable and favourite suppliers?
Just for interest sake are there any ‘local’ members in the Squamish area of BC - which is where we are located.
Looking forward to your replies

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who know how to use the empisal 100?
I got a second hand empisal knitmaster 100. I went to ask the local machine knitter club yet nobody knew how to since it was too old. I took a photo. Wondering if I put everything right.

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I have an odd question about knitting the toe on top down socks
So I made it through the fish lips kiss heel.

I've knitted to where I am to start the toe- (Star Toe)

Somehow after knitting the FLK heel using 3 double points, my stitches on the needles for the beginning of the round to start the foot were on the right hand side of the at the end of needle #2 and beginning of needle #3 -the instep. Not in the center of the heel as I have done in the past with heel flap/gusset socks.

EDIT: I think I know what to do. I'm just going to go back and start at the center of the heel

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Crochet Dollies
I'm making dollies for the GDs and here are two of them. Likewise boy-dolls for the GS. It takes a long time as the stitches are dinky and the handling awkward.

I can put you onto the pattern for the one with the bun if you like

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Good Grief! Crocheting an Afghan
I ran across this little gadget and remembered making the little flowers then crocheting into an Afghan. I must have been 30 or so and I am now in my 70s.

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carrying yarn up the side....hmmmmm
When carrying yarn up the side of a shawl, how do I twist. New yarn under old????? Or what?
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Headed to East Lothian - LYS there?
Hi all KPers - do any of you have any suggestions for an LYS in East Lothian, Scotland. Specifically Gullane or North Berwick? Slainte!
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