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Willow yarn "Rise"
Has anyone ever used Willow yarn "Rise" before? I have a couple of skeins that I'm making a sweater out of. It seems to be nice soft yarn. It's 58% cotton and 42% acrylic. I have the front done and half of the back. There was a knot about halfway through the second skein so I took the knot out and re-knotted it as I usually do. I went to pull on the knot to be sure it was secure and the yarn broke. I then tugged on the yarn and discovered that, with very little strength, the yarn broke again. I then checked the previous skein and the same thing happened. This is not old yarn. I called Willow yarns and they say there is nothing they can do because the order was older than 60 days.
Has anyone ever had this happen before? I'm a little concerned that it may fall apart in the future.
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How do I (sl 1 purlwise wyif) twice in a row?
The topic title is actually the question I need an answer to. Do I place yarn in front then sl 2? That seems to create a yarn in front of the two slipped stitches which doesn’t look right.

Please help! I’m stuck.

- Valerie
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Stockinette and ribbing at the same time?
Hi ladies! This is a question for those of you with a ribber... so I’ve been using my knitting machine for awhile now and I think I’m getting pretty good at it! So I was thinking about getting a ribber attachment for my machine. The big question I have is can you do stockinette and rib at the same time?? I’m trying to make a cute little baby blanket and make a ribbed edge as I knit. This is something I’ve looked up and searched all over for but can’t seem to find an answer!!
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16 in interchangeable needles dreamz vs ginger
I would like comparison opinions/experiences from anyone who owns and has used both knitters pride dreamz and knitters pride ginger interchangeable 16 in needle sets.
Is the a difference in needle quality or performance? Or is the difference only in the color?
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Not used
So, I knitted these and they've not been used. I'm upset as I found the shawl still in the packing that I used to give it. Grand daughter is now four months old so will not be using a of it. Boo hoo

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Squishy mail in a box!
I partook of Lion Brands 10 for $10.00 sale, I didn't go wild but got these lovelies to make myself a long vest.
(Although I haven't settled on a pattern yet ) :-)

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Just saying .. sl

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Lion lovey (K+C)
Another little lion item to go with the one I made the other day. I had some yarn left over so decided to make this little lovey blanket to go with the cuddly lion. This is for a baby shower gift for a work colleague. Still got enough yarn to finish a small cuddly lion, hopefully this weekend.

Two friends.

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10 Stitch Afghan Questions
I want to make a 10-stitch Afghan, but need some advice.

Does a crocheted one use more yarn than a knitted one?

If I want to make it rectangular, rather than square, should I do 20 ridges rather than 10 to start with? I don’t want it too long, just a little longer than it will be wide, what I would consider a regular-size afghan size.
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Mens raglan sleeved bulky pattern
Have any of you machine knitters made a raglan sleeved sweater for your man? I can't seem to find a bulky pattern.
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