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Hue shift afghan
Ever since I first saw this pattern I've thought how lovely it was. A while back there was an offer on the pattern and the yarn from Knitpicks and I bought the Rainbow colourway.

I was surprised when the pack arrived, the colours weren't very appealing to me, but I thought I'd give it a go, though it took me a while to get round to it. Three squares in I thought how awful it was and undid my work. I went on holiday the next day and having just come back and seeing the yarn again I'm now wondering if it really is that bad.

So, who else has made this please and did you wonder for the first few squares how on earth the finished item was going to look as good as it does in all the pictures I've seen ? I'm reluctant to give up as I've admired this for so long but equally don't want to put the time into something I end up disliking.
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Looking for post with picture of gray and white baby blanket
A few days ago, there was a post with a picture of a lovely gray and white baby blanket. I think it was knitted but I'm not sure. I don't think there was a link to a pattern. I love that blanket and would love to find the post and also the pattern, if available. Thank you.
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Help with Brioche scarf
Hi, KPers! Boy, oh boy, did I mess up!! I’m knitting a two color brioche scarf for my brother. I’m more then half through and (somehow) I created a disaster. So, do life lines work with brioche? I frogged down to my lifeline and it seems to weave in and out everywhere on the row!! I can’t follow it! There is a design to the pattern—I have increases and decreases. Did the inc. and dec. cause havoc with my lifeline? I don’t know how to send a picture but hopefully you’ll be able to point me in the right direction with this description. Thank you so much. This is only my second time posting but I have been following this site for over a year and it’s become my favorite site on the planet!!😍
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Crochet 2nd Gingham afgan
Just finished with my 2nd gingham afgan. I was making it for myself but decided to give it to someone else. She is such a giving person and helps anyone she can and I feel that she could use a little surprise gift. I used Red Heart Super Saver in two colors of brown and the off white is Caron One Pound. With Red Heart it should last a few years.

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Top down shirt
This is my first top down project. I chose this knitting method because I have only 400g of yarn available. If it turns out to be a good fitting for me, I'd like to try the pattern of the long sleeved sweater, I found on Pinterest. Any suggestions to help me do a good job?

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My Two ladies needles

Thought I liked them, but no! The unconnected needle is always dropping when turning work, not a huge deal but annoying! And the toggle thingy that you can slide up and down the cable is forever catching the yarn which results in a tangle. And the price bounces around in my head when I am aggravated by these needles. I think $29.95!

Had I only asked for opinions before I bought...could have made my own as suggested. I am gonna write and ask to return.

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I just finished this little guy. He is just missing his bagpipes.

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Shawl for my 1st grandchild
This is a shawl knitted for my grandchild.
I knitted this shawl in 3 ply wool and have to admit that it's huge, it covers a double bed comfortably Now I know if ever knitting it again I should use the 2 ply wool then it would be a better size.
This is my 1st post and I hope this is how it's meant to be done. Joalan

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My latest works
Two years ago, for my 50th birthday, I was blessed with the greatest gift ever: a beautiful and healthy grandson! The pictures show some of the things I created for him.

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Question On Raglan Pattern From Knitting Pure & Simple Number 201
I am working on this pattern and I am at the point where I divide for sleeves. The pattern reads thus:

K to first increase marker, remove it (remove all markers now as you come to them), K1. Now, using a blunt darning needle and scrap yarn, slip all the sts between here and the next marker on to the length of yarn to hold for the left sleeve. Cast onto the right tip of the needle 10 sts and join to the back sts. K across the back sts to the next marker K1, slip all the sts between here and the next marker k1, slip all the sts between here and the next marker onto a length of yarn to hold for the right sleeve. Cast on 10 sts as before. K to the end of the row.

Now, I am probably reading this incorrectly, but as I read it, it says cast on to the back stitches on the left side. But when you come to the right sleeve is it telling me to add the stitches to the front? Thank you all in advance for reading this and attempting to help.
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