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Heres the pattern. Its called CINNAMON & SPICE. I changed the yarn to 4ply cotton/acrylic blend.
180 sts. 4mm circular needle
Knit 2 rows
3. *y'o, k2tog...
4. Knit
5. *slip 1, k1, psso, y'o.....
6. Knit
Rep rounds 3 to 6 til width required
Knit 1 more row. Cast off

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Gypsycream Christmas Stockings
These stockings are for my 4 grandchildren and I have finished them just in time! It is such a fun knit and I know they will be well received!

The pattern is so well written and has a well illustrated make up guide. Thank you, Pat!

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cotton yarn splitting
has anyone out there experience with cotton yarn that splits when crocheting(or knitting). a washcloth project takes almost triple time because of all the ripping out and redoing that has to be done.....real frustrating.

the yarn is cheap so i know that you get what you pay for and i will still work with it especially since its for little projects like a washcloth but i was wondering if maybe winding it into a ball would help? i have a small stanwood winder. if it wouldnt make a difference, i wont waste the time. christmas is around the corner...;o}
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another 1898 hat . . .
. . . because how can you have too many. Main color is Wool-ease in Wood. Contrast is a variegated pink of forgotten lineage from stash. Mosaic insert is a 12 stitch repeat from Barbara Walker's "Mosaic Knitting".

This is how nice the decrease section looks when you eliminate all of the knit rounds from between the decrease rounds.

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Help finding pattern
I found a pattern for a reversible blanket that was a 3 row repeat and created a wavy look. I made it several times, but lost the pattern and do not have one to try to figure it out. I believe it wS originally posted here. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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PCO removal
I have looked at many posts, videos, etc. about provisional cast on, different methods, watched how every method looks so easy when the waste yarn is pulled out gently, but after trying it numerous times I still cannot get mine to go so well. I am doing a 1x1 rib as the first row followed by 1x1 tbl rib. Will try attaching photo of removal process. Thank you for any and all help!

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My Chiaogoo cable connector separated
I already sent off a e-mail to them... now I wait to hear back.
Luckily I didn’t lose any stitches! I had a shorter cord to use... will be fun with 208 stitches!
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Am I the only one who’s quirky about my needles? For instance, of course certain needles work better with some yarns, but I’ve been working on a project and have changed needles three times now. I’m using the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and have switched from Nova cubics, Lykkes, back to Novas and now trying my Sunstrucks. Hmmmm, I love this yarn and have made quite a few blankets with it, but I do find that it can “grab” a bit so I do like the shiniest and smoothest of my needles. All of these are very smooth of course and just hadda laugh and wonder if anyone else is as picky with their needles.
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Bright white yarn
Apologies ahead of time, but do you think this color yarn will eventually turn kind of in the yellowish side? It will be a throw and most probably I will use an acrylic yarn or if I find it like in Cascade superwash. Any suggestion will be very much appreciated. Thank you so much ahead of time.
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A happy sunday!
Today I knitted at the swimming pool (in the hotel). I am really a brave man ;)

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