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1 skein of Loop-It with approximately 1/2 a skein additional

Some bites and pieces additional

Partial scone of Knit Picks 100% cotton in Silver.
Made a scarf of this and have no idea how much is remaining, should be able to make a dishcloth or two

If interested please pm your address.

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"Ladies" Ready For Annual November Charity Show
These are the latest hats/cowls/scarfs ready for our annual charity show. I have contributed most; some
from fellow knitters. Hope they sell well!

Once again thanks for looking and enjoy a wonderful fall weekend!

Edie (Edith Ann)

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“Arne & Carlos favorite designs”
Just got this book. There are so many patterns that look fun, or chance to learn something new. The yarn I thought I would use when I bought the book does not come in DK weight, only sport. I knit loose so I’m not sure it will work. Does anyone one know a source for DK wool yarn that has a wide range of color, a reasonable price and is available on line in the US? I live in a rural area and am unable to drive so going to a shop is not an option (but sounds fun).
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knit scarf and hat
Can anyone tell me what SK2TP means and how to knit that stitch. I found it in Pacific Matching Hat and Scarf. It was under fee patterns from Cascade yarns. I looked it up and all I could find was SK2PO.
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an other boys outfit
diffrent coloured boys out fit

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a wee out fit i have just finished
just a out fit i did for wee boy not a lot nice pattern around for wee boys i love this

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V Neck Baby Cardigan
I'm looking for a pattern for a baby V neck sweater and cannot find one that has ribbing without any frills. I have spent hours searching, could anyone lead me to a pattern. I need it to be very plain for my great grand baby due in December and we don't know the gender, so it can be used for girl or boy. Many Thanks for any help!!
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Need help
Dear KPers would appreciate in helping me to find a pattern for a knitted pants for a four year old boy, the patterns on line are mostly for babies, please any one can give me the link to find the instructions for the same. Thanking you & wish a Happy Diwali to all!☺️
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natures expert weaver
perfection in the garden this morning, made by natures expert, also nearly end of October still getting these visitors in the garden feeding on the fallen fruit

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Re - Celtic braid hat
I initially was going to do this into a hat, I asked advice on how to pick the stitches up, I was very nervous, but my daughter didn't want a hat after putting this on, she wanted it left as an ear warmer so happy days

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