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Knitting Stitch?
The remark I made in my post about carrying yarn and the dark stitches on white looking like lice was questioned by another member. She didn't understand what I mean by lice. My answer to her was that there was a knitting stitch called the lice stitch (I think it has another name which escapes me right now). It is the regular picking up of one contrasting stitch every so many stitches, usually five or seven. I googled the term and nothing came up. Have any of you ever heard this stitch referred to as lice stitch?
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Help with pattern
Please help me out here, knitting the matinee jacket Sirdar #3974, this is my first attempt at knitting the back and fronts together, ready to divide and having trouble with the row before the divide working on the first size and pattern reads: K6 (6,10,9,9),k2tog (k2 ( k2tog) k2, 11 times, k2, k2tog, k6. Would I be correct in reading this as: K6, K2tog, K2. K2tog, K2 , 11 times, k2, k2tog k6, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks to all for your help.
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How cruel....
PETA via
9:02 AM (7 hours ago)


to me

Dear Norma,

Sheep and lambs who are abused and slaughtered for their wool need your help.

Online fashion retailer boohoo group—whose brands include boohoo, boohooMAN, PrettyLittleThing, and Nasty Gal—decided to go back on its promise to PETA to ban wool, despite knowing how sheep are abused in the industry and that wool is damaging to the environment.

One video exposé after another by PETA and our affiliates has shown that sheep are mutilated, tormented, and sometimes skinned alive, even for "responsibly sourced" wool on self-described "sustainable" farms. This abuse is rampant in the wool industry.

Please ask boohoo to stand by its initial, compassionate decision and become the first global fashion brand to ban wool:

Take Action Now

Thank you for your compassion.


This e-mail was sent t
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How do they do it? K
How do you get the stitching perfect like this. When I go from the knit sts to the purl ones it's all sloppy. This is what I want mine to look like. I don't have a sample of mine. It was too awful to keep and I tinked it.

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DH laundry mistake
I found these while cleaning and started laughing all over again. What happened was that I had knitted the DH some winter house socks out of really nice, expensive wool. (They are slightly un-matching, as all my house socks are.) And I had made him swear he would never put them in the washing machine of course. (He does the laundry.) of them accidentally made it into the wash. It must have been stuck to something and he didn't see it. He was horrified and tried to hide it from me but one day I went to the laundry area in the basement for something and found it---he had stuck a Coke can in it, trying to stretch it back out! A Coke can! It was so funny! Unfortunately, as we all know, felted wool won't come back to life. It's a big joke between us now. But bless his heart for trying to fix it! And the next house socks I knitted for him are out of superwash wool that can be machine washed....

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Have a good evening /night sl

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Temperature blanket 2019 so far
I absolutely fell in love with the idea of making a temperature blanket.

A friend’s grandson was due this year so I cracked on to catch up and I incorporated a gold thread on his birth day.

It’s great having a WIP that’ll take a while to finish lol.

Thank you for looking.

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Help please! Curling edges of afghan (k)
The bottom edge of this afghan is curling up. It is not stockinette, so I was surprised when it started curling. It is acrylic yarn, so blocking won't help much. The only thing that I can think of to do is "kill" the yarn - just on the curling edge. I wanted to check with you all before doing that drastic measure. Thank you!

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Bind Off Advice
I am binding off stitches in the middle of a row to make the neck of a child's poncho. I will later go back, pick up stitches and put in a ribbed neck. What bind off would you ladies recommend? Regular bind off? I thought a stretchy bind off would be a good idea, but I don't want it too stretchy. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Angel baby items
Some of my knitting for babies born asleep.
Baby boy's onesie, cap and bootees.
And tiny white shawl.
Ready to go to the neonatal unit at Nottingham hospital.

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