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Taking Gramma out for lunch.
Taking Gramma out for lunch.

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Looking for a post about a Russian baby bonnet (K)
Sorry to be asking, I saw a post a few days ago, another member was asking for a translation. No I didn't comment on it (slap wrist) No I didn't book mark it (slap other wrist).
It was a cute bonnet in garter st with a cable going from one side to the other, ring any bells?
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DK vs Worsted
This may have been asked before but what is your preference DK or Worsted and why?
Which do you use more and for what type of projects?

For instance, I tend to find myself using the DK for lapghans and or afghans lately. The slightly lighter weight is more manageable for me as the project gets larger and thereby heavier.
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Pattern help please
One of the members in our knitting group passed on a couple of years ago. Her sister was getting the house ready to sell and found multiple projects, I inherited one but don’t know the pattern, I would like to finish it. Please help if you can or send a link. Thank you in advance.

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I’m knitting my granddaughter a sweater (top down), the body, of which, is garter stitch . Does anyone have a recommendation for a good looking bindoff for garter stitch? Thanks.
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One sleeve left to go - then how to attach?
Hello! I posted recently about a sweater I'm knitting for my mother. I don't have a pattern and I've not done a sweater before. So far it's going well, but I have one thing I can't figure out because everyone on youtube keeps saying "follow your pattern" - how many stitches / inches should be kept on hold for the underarm? I have an eight-stitch cable that is acting as the center of the bottom of the sleeve and the underarm portion, but eight stitches doesn't seem like enough for this under area. Is there a general specification I can follow for how many inches should be kept aside?

Thank you so much for any thought and help!

(I'm knitting with 5.5 mm needles with Lion Brand Hearland Joshua Tree - which is labelled as "Medium 4" for weight / 251 yards for 142 grams. My 8-stitch cable is 1.0 inches at the tightest part and 1.6 inches at the loosest, but it's surrounded by Irish Moss which is looser, which is why I was looking for an inches estimate rather than a stitches estimate.)

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Christmas Socks
Finished all the planned Christmas projects so decided to knit a pair of Christmas sock for me! Red is Loops & Threads Woolike and white is Vanna's Glamour that has a silver sparkle running through it. No pattern, just a combination of whatever came to mind. Don't understand why pic is sideways as it was taken in the upright position.

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Wrap k
Finished this wrap for the Dialysis center the colour is purple and orange mixed does not look good in the picture not a good picture either
Cannot get knitting done as this vertigo has returned getting so frustrated have a doc appointment this afternoon so maybe she can give me some thing to help me.
So praying for the people who has serious conditions. Just feeling sorry for myself

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Mosaic Blanket (k)
Looking to be inspired, I checked out the Kaffe Fassett book, the Colour Guys, from my local library. This mosaic blanket is my result. I decided to use Nako Calico cotton blend, 4mm needles and using my Barbara Walker Mosaic Kitting book for pattern charts, away I went. I used patterns that were a multiple of 6 or 12 sts to keep balance. The blanket measures 24' X 27" so good for baby or lap. I am donating it as a lap blanket for the nursing home in town. It was a nice creative break for me and very enjoyable knit. I have used my local library my entire life and am thankful for the service!

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Magic Loop
Good morning,

I am a beginner to knitting and wanted to know if I can use a 24 inch cord to do the magic loop?
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