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Help with electronic machine
Let me start by saying I have 930e machine that I am sure works ok as I just finished knitting on it with a G carriage designed scarf. I was trying to imput a simple little heart design to go on a doll skirt and ran into problems. I could not get the machine to reproduce the heart tho i am fairly sure i imputed it alright. So to test the machine, I selected a pattern from Stitch World. What a mess!!! Even tho the needles are selected it did not produce the design. Stitches are bunched up on one needle in places, 2 stitches in a row are dropped. What could cause this? I have MC11 on the dial and Intarsia part button pushed in. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Ombre cowl from Pearl Soho
It took me years to finish this! I started it way too early after learning to knit in 2016. The ombre cowl is a free pattern at Pearl Soho and I made it from one of their kits with such tasty yarns. It’s for my sweet always -chilly 6’4” hubby who likes to look designerly and who deserves loving attention because he encourages my knitting and buying yarn!

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Baby project items
We’re making items for pregnant mums in the area this is what we have so far x

I made the blue hat n the cream n blue blanket

Other blankets were made n donated x

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Christmas Knitted Items
Hello folks,
These are my donations to our local hospice store.
I have made them from Swedenmes KAL patterns.
I have been gifted a wonderful collection of buttons from KP friends and use them to embellish my knitting.
Thank you for looking.

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Hiya Hiya sharp circular needles

Where is a good place to purchase these needles on line for the best price in the USA ? Lots of websites not sure if any are safe. Which website do you purchase from.

Thank you very much for all your help.

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This pillow cover was made from Simply Recycled cotton yarn by Sirdar. It is very soft. I adapted slightly, Magic Square #61 from Barbara Walkers Mosaic Knitting book. I almost quit on this one a couple of times wondering if the vision for the finished pillow was flawed. I am glad I didn't because I am quite happy with it in the end. 17"x17" form ......and on to another......

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Recent knits finished.
Two more for the Craft Fair.

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Sock kits?
Are there any easy sock kits for first time sock knitters? I want everything to be included so I have a better chance of success. Seems like I’m always trying to make do with what I have on hand in yarn and needles. The results are sometimes disappointing. Sometimes I get away with it though, lol!
PS: I’m not sure why this post is in “Pictures” and don’t know how to change it. Sorry.
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Felting a cloak.
More than 30 years ago I made this cape from Vogue Pattern 8147 the style on the left.

I have purchased some lovely Gala wool and thought maybe making a large tube, 106 inches in circumference and maybe about 40 inches long. Then, as I've never done this before, my idea is to felt this tube in my washing machine and cut a shorter version of the garment out of the felted fabric. I want something warmer for the winter. Anyone with tips on felting such a large piece or am I cruisin' for a bruisin'?

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Super Chunky.
I recently finished this Super Chunky jacket as a gift for our eldest daughter. Hope she likes it.

Pattern is Stylecraft 9723.

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