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D-Day 75th Anniversary, my poppy jumper
Drop shoulder short sleeved jumper with poppy motives. And another waterfall cardigan. Will wear this on the 6th June in Normandy, France.

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I love handmade things. I knit and crochet different items - scarves, shawls, gloves, hats, appliques ...

I hope I can find here more interesting handmade projects :)

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Does this have value?
I originally thought I could accumulate all I needed to knit 50 Izzy dolls to donate to my church in time for Christmas and set August 2018 as my deadline date; however, due to my inability to find suitable yarns that represent our many (flesh) shades of humanity, I had to reset my date to August 2019.

Pictures of the pretty little packs of really small skeins I see when I visit Michael's keep floating around in my imagination and prompt this question: Do you think a yarn company would be interested in having it pointed out that a pack of yarns representative of different shades of human flesh likely would be of great interest to crafters who knit and crochet dolls?

I think it would be a wonderful convenience to drive to a yarn store knowing they stock what I really need to branch out into another phase of our craft and I'd like packs that hold a half dozen shades of browns in addition to at least two flesh shades.

What say you?
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Knitted cowl that everyone likes but no one would wear it
What do I do with this cowl that everyone says is pretty but no one wants it. Maybe I should donate it to a care facility for the texture. Don’t know. Some advice please ladies.

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Latest 3 efforts
I have added these to my collection for our charity function at the end of June. Hope you like xxx

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My clever daughter
My daughter is a lovely knitter and fairly recently taught herself to crochet using YouTube. She just finished this blanket for her cousins baby girl x

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help please! brother kh800 mystery!
I am at the neckline forming stage of a sweater pattern from the Brother beginners collection. The instructions State to count 47 needles from the left and move them into A position (so they don't knit)-but they won't move that far b ack with the work still on it. Should I move the work onto a keeper needle, or can I put the needles into hold position with the same outcome as A position? Your advice is appreciated😊
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Tiny teddy’s new owner
My new little great niece with the wee teddy I posted earlier. Her mum just sent me this picture x

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conversion chart question regarding DMC colors to yarn colors
Is there a DMC conversion color chart to yarn colors out there? I don't do crosstitching so I have no clue. Tried the web but all it did was run me around in circles.
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Penny and Patch present some challenges
This is Penny and her little brother Patch. The hats are my idea since i couldn't make their hair work out, not for the life of me. I enjoyed them and now I am on to some hats or something of the sort. More toys later on, I'm thinking. Maybe I'll go back to the Cuddlies.

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