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Help finding a Pattern
Is there a place to get a pattern? I know it looks simple, but I would like some help.

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This one is for me, for a change
Every time I knit a Gypsycream Bobba Bear, it gets claimed. So I decided to make one just for me, to add to my collection of other Bears. Bobba is the baby of the Bear team. But very well looked after.

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I'm starting a shawl that has YO's but want to do something else as I don't like YO's. The pattern is (this is just 2 rows) K3, YO, K3, YO, K3. Next row K3, P5, K3. Can you do KF&B or something else that doesn't leave a hole?

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Keeping ends in
Since neither I nor anyone else I've made an afghan for has washed one, just wondering how
to keep those ends tucked in. I weave them in back and forth, then snip, but have noticed just with
handling the item they can still pop out.

I've read to "stitch" them. Does that mean weaving in or actual needle and thread stitch?

Also have been told a dot of Aileen's flexible stretchable glue works and it doesn't make the fabric hard. True??
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Wrap # 16 k
Decided to stop at this # 16
H has this one one sitting on the arm of the sofa
I have some knitting I want to do before my trip mid oct so did not make my goal of 20 but that’s okay no hurry to get them done just me who challenges myself.
I will deliver these 16 on mon to Dialysis center then start knitting again for the patients when I return in nov Thanks everyone for your kind comments I love making these wraps for the patients nurse told me they like the lace pattern I do so always seem to make same design Lena

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Brother close knit bar - Show me yours!
Quick question: Can someone please post a picture of a Brother 810 ribber close knit bar? And, pretty please, a picture of it in place?
Longer question: I've spent days troubleshooting my 820/810 Brother. On ribbing (and English rib), every other pass (90% of this is in one direction), a few or a lot of the stitches on the main bed don't knit off. I'm thinking the close knit bar might be the solution. I have 2 but I think they both go to my Singer 560. I doubt I have a Brother bar but don't know what it should look like or exactly where it goes (yes, good people, you've described where it goes but my pea brain can't envision it).
For what it's worth, you might want to know:
The sponge bar is brand new and installed correctly
Tighter tension causes the trouble more
I've tried two different brands of quite nice sock yarn, a fine acrylic, and a mohair
It's not the same stitches every row. It's often generally just left of 0 and far to the right but not the exact same, and not the end stitches.
No bent needles or sticky catches.
I'm moving the weights up as I knit. I've tried claw weights and heavy weights on the cast on comb.

I can post a picture of the knitting if you'd like.
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Drop in the Pond
For my DH - he picked the colors.

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Totally frustrating!
So, I bought 2 cakes of Lion Brand Amazing Lace!
So far, I find it amazing.... the amount of patience I need to continue knitting with this yarn. Every few feet I find a nearly impossible tangled knot that takes me like up to an hour to untie/untangle, last night , I got so frustrated after the third mess I just cut it out and did a Russian join so I could continue knitting.

Has anyone experienced this with this yarn?!?
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Fair Ribbons
The bonnet which I posted here a while ago, won first place and the tricolor award. The judges write a critique on each of the entries which is very helpful, however, on the white baby sweater the judge thought it should be in a brighter color for a baby. I make primarily neutral colors for babies since new mothers prefer them. I made that sweater for my granddaughter in that color and she wore it constantly and looked adorable in it. The critique on the tweed sweater said that I should have sewed the buttons with thread (which is what I always do) but I should have then gone over that with the yarn from the sweater (which I have never done). Think of having two ends to hide around each of the buttons! I did not agree with either opinion.
I am thrilled with the ribbons I received.

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Super Simple Slouchy Beanie in Tunisian Crochet (in the round)
Thought I'd take a whirl at a slouchy hat with my double ended tunisian hook. Basically I crocheted a tube approximately 20 - 23 inches around by 11 - 13 inches long in a ribbed stitch pattern and cinched it at the top. Here are the results.

The Blue/Burgandy one (which serendipitously turned out to be reversible) came out kind of small. The Yellow/Flecked Cream coloured one came out a better size but I'd probably make the brim/band a tad wider next time time.

Anyways, thanks for looking

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