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My take on St Brigid design
Have just finished a pullover based on Alice Starmore's St Brigid design.
Saw the design a while ago and wanted to have a go. Got hold of the pattern details, but had to modify it a bit.
I like my sweaters to be more of a close than the pattern allows, and the aran yarn I had did not allow for the full patterning, to achieve this.
Consequently, a bit of re-patterning but I think it looks pretty good, although I may redo the neckline which looks a bit wonky.
It took three weeks to knit up, so I might leave that for a while :)

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Tuck stitch
I am trying to use tuck stitch on my brother machine but when I do the in between normal rows I often get a dropped stitch and despite carefully checking each row I sometimes don't see it until it starts to unravel. Anyone any ideas on this?
Thoughts welcome
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Funnies #2
To be continued.

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How difficult is this stitch?
I recently saw a pattern on the Lion's yarn website and they also offered it in a kit for a lovely scarf that could also be a wrap and it was knit using the half fisherman’s rib stitch. They had it listed as an easy pattern.
I have never heard of this stitch. Is anyone familiar with it and is it really an easy pattern?
Thanks for any advice!
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Needle size --Chunky Bumps yarn
I have several 50 gm balls of Chunky Bumps yarn (Needle Crafters - Canadian Import from China). What size needles should I use for a scarf?)
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Crochet cotton top for daughter
Namaste. I had made this cotton top for my daughter about a month ago. I modelled it for her when I made it, but she just sent me the pictures The top is a variation of a free pattern "Off-the-shoulders Cropped Top by Sweet Nothings". Thank you for looking. Love and Light to all.

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Hating Stockinette stitch
I am knitting a long vertical stripe short sleeve sweater or vest.
I adore the look of Stockinette stitch when on a sweater or garment but right now cause the this is long and I have it on long a cable needle its curling around the cable and making it difficult to move the project up the needles to knit!!!!

Thanks for reading my vent!

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Baby cables raglan increases look a mess
I'm trying to do the Baby cables and big ones too. I think I followed the instructions for the raglan increases, but they look a mess. Does anyone have recommendations for a neat invisible increase.

Thank you
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Which those machines are best studio 155 or brother kh260
Thanks Emma
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New puppy!
The first toy I've made from Toys from the Toybox II. It's for my GD, and I think she's excited about him! I originally wanted to make him from Knitpicks Fable Fur, but that was way too bulky a yarn, and I couldn't see the stitches to count them, even though the softness of that yarn is to die for! This is the Joann Buttercream yarn. Also soft, but the stitches can be seen and counted, and the puppy won't have to have a room all for himself!

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