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C - Sweet Little Floppy Bunny
Made this little girl with Bernat Baby Velvet.

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Diana Sullivan Lessons Listing/Websites
Somebody published an entire list of Diana Sullivan Youtube websites, a while ago. I thought it was wonderful.....
and I put it into my iMac with a Flag. I just got a new iMac (we won't discuss how the glass on the old one got broken)......
(not by me), and in the transfer from one computer to another I lost the flagged list. Anybody know where I can get it again.

Miracle of miracles is to be able to push a few buttons and you get Migration Assistant,and just about everything from the old computer shows up on your new one.
Just took a couple of hours and voila there it was......all but the Diana Sullivan list.

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Length for 6 month old sweater
I love knitting but am not the best. I have taught myself how to knit but there are things I still need to learn. I am making a sweater in size 6 month. But I don't think from the underarm down to the hem will be long enough. Maybe I am making it too loose causing it to be a little bigger around for the length. So I was wondering how long from the underarm to the hem a 6 month sweater should be? Thanks for any help
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Big Ball of Yarn (K)
I wound up all my scraps of yarn that I had, and I knitted this blanket for Charity from it.
It is not great looking, but I am sure someone will appreciate it when winter comes.

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Product recommendation
Which brand of long/rectangle looms do any of you looove to use? I have circle looms so I know all about them...just not the double looms
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Spanish translation?
I don't know any Spanish but have used Google Translate.
I'm crocheting a T rex dinosaur.
The translations are hard to understand
but I've managed to make the head, body and front legs,
now I'm making the feet and legs and I'm stuck.
Can anyone out here translate this part for me?
I already crocheted the 3 toes per foot.

Unir los tres dedos siguiendo el diagrama. Los mpa de los dedos deben de queda en la
planta del pie.
V1 – 18 pb alrededor de los 3 dedos según el diagrama (18)
V2 – V3 – 18 pb (18)
V4 – 7 pb y colocamos el marcador de principio de vuelta en el pb siguiente. Desde
ahora éste será el primer punto de la vuelta.
V5 – 2 pb, [dis, pb] rep 3 veces, 2 pb, aum, 2 pb, aum, pb (17)
V6 – 3 pb, 2 dis, 10 pb (15)
V7 – V8 – 15 pb (15)
V9 – 7 pb, pe, cad y girar el tejido (7)
V10 – saltar pe, 5 pb, pe, cad y girar el tejido (5)
V11 – saltar pe, 5 pb, pe en el mismo pb que hicimos pe en la V9, cad y girar el tejido (5)
V12 – saltar pe, 5 pb, pe en el mismo pb que hicimos pe en la V10, cad y girar el tejido
V13 – saltar pe, 5 pb, pe en el mismo pb que hicimos pe en la V9, cad y girar el tejido (5)
V14 – saltar pe, 5 pb, pe en el mismo pb que hicimos pe en la V10, cad y girar el tejido
V15 – 5 pb, saltar pe, 2 pb, aum, 2 pb, aum, pb (13)
V16 – pb, saltar pe, 2pb, dis, 4 pb, aum, 2 pb, aum, 2 pb (16)
V17 – [pb, dis] rep 2 veces, 5 pb, aum, 4 pb (15)
V18 – V19 – 15 pb (15)

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Help please with Irish Moss Stitch
I am knitting sweater with this stitch and have made mistake, notice doesn’t look right. I tried google to be able to tell the difference in each row of the Four row pattern in order to know where I would be in the pattern if I frog the last 3 rows. Any help would really be appreciated, Thanking you, Margaret.
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Singer Mod. 150
First post-forgive me for any errors.

I have recently found a Singer Mod. 150. I need a new sponge bar and a few needles for it. Can someone offer any tips are where to aquire these and perhaps some tips to get started on this machine? I have done some searching and found a place that sells Singer SK150 needles. Will these work? I'm totally confused about what the SK means. Help a newbie with anything else I might need to know and dont realize yet!
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snickerdoodle cookies
Does anyone make these cookies? If so, do you put in the Cream of Tarter? I understand it is supposed to make the. cookies puff up, but I was told long ago that it makes the cookies harder. What is your take on the cream of tarter? Yes? or No?

Thanks for your replies Barbara
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Making cherries!
I am interested in making cherries out of yarn - to be stitched onto things I have made.

I found a square of garter stitch I could use for a baby cloth? As its very soft.

I started by trying the €œmagic circle in crocheting, but I can’t get to grips with it.

So I improvised with knitting 3 rows and pulling tight and threading through onto itself.

Any tips ? I much prefer knitting !
Im thinking I need to do a little leaf now. Dont know how?

Im expecting a baby girl whom I will be calling cherry€ that€™s the reason :)

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