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C - Dragon Belly Shawl
Made this one with a Scheepjes Liquorice Whirl and a Pink Whirlette. Dragon Belly pattern is free.

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C - Week 4 CAL For A Cause
Two Herringbone and a Strawberry Patch Bucket Hat going to our local Cancer Centre.

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knitting retreat
Well ladies it's over and was a huge success. The ladies want to come back again next year so I guess we're going to do it again. All we did is sit and knit and giggle and eat. Continental Breakfast, Sandwich and salad lunch and gourmet dinner. This year it was Salmon but next year it may very well be prime rib. If you want to come to it and live out of the area you can either fly in to Portland, Oregon and one of the gals from that area can pick you up or you can fly directly into Pendleton and I'll pick you up and take you to my part of heaven. The weather was primo, cool at night but not super hot during the day Plenty of places to sit and knit or read or what ever and plenty of people to help if you get stuck on a pattern. I will let you know the dates later this year.
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A kitten and yarn related vent
We got a kitten for my husband‘s birthday on May 2. When we first got her, anytime I picked up my knitting it was like she had radar and would run to attack it. Now she will sit nearby and not attack it except occasionally.
I am careful to make sure to put away the project I am working on in the project bag in my purse so she can’t get to it at night. Since I will go to bed much earlier than my husband as he works night shift, I only saw the text message he sent me in the morning that the cat got into my yarn.
I apprehensively went to see the damage, and I was rather upset. I am working on a shawl KAL and was very careful not to get any pet fur on it. Not only was it covered in pet fur, the ball had been completely untangled into a knotted mess and had been chewed through in a couple places. My husband says he caught her after maybe 10 seconds but it seems like she was at it for several minutes to cause so much damage. I have one more ball that I am going to start knitting with to continue the project and will have to untangle and rewind this ball and also felt the pieces that had been chewed through. On the bright side the project itself remained in the project bag so she only destroyed the yarn.
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Crochet for my veggie garden
Here I have used some yarn, a crochet hook, some recycled plastic bottles and now I have dwarf beans and french marigolds
Who would have thought it crochet equals beans.

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Beautiful baby bonnets
Hi has anyone bought patterns from this site I paid for 2 on Thursday pdf format and still no sign I have sent 3 emails and not one reply
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Circular needles Dilema
Please help me decide which interchangable set I should buy the chiagoo bamboo set or the knitpro rose wood cubics.
I have one circular fixed of each and love them both.
Lov and thanks
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July, 2019, Donated Knitted Toddler & Baby Hats
Here are pictures of my most recent donation. I will put them up in more than one entry, since I am having trouble with my computer. There will be five pictures total.

As usual, please let me know if you are interested in the patterns or graphs that I used. Just tell me which picture they are in and describe the hats to me. I will look them up and post them here.

Thanks for viewing my hats!
Picture 1

Picture 2

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My first ever socks
Knit two at a time toe up on magic loop. Only had trouble with heels had to fix a couple of holes.

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Crochet cardigan.
A few months ago, May 27th, I asked for recommendations for a top down cardigan pattern in 4ply/fingering weight.. I looked at the start of the few top down cardi's to get the idea of what to do and got started, making it up as I went along.

With lots of frogging at the start on the yoke, I got there...
I ran out of the light yarn and ordered more but couldn't get a similar shade so went darker.

I'm wearing it as I write! I'm really pleased with it and am planning a prettier one to wear out.

It's still got to have a few ends darned away and buttons sewn on and pockets attached... Last night was looking for yarn for another project and found 3 more balls of the lighter grey!! I'm not frogging the sleeves and edging, but I am redoing the pockets in the light colour.

I resisted crochet for clothing till now because I prefer the look of knitting, but I'm so slow knitting that I get bored and give up.
Here it is, minus finishing touches. Fingering weight merino, made up pattern.

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