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C Unicorn Kawaii Cuddler attempt #2
Now I have the picture.

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C - Unicorn Kawaii Cuddler
I made this one smaller for my Granddaughter and added two rattles
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Baby cardigan (K)
Thank you to SharonHal who posted a similar knit a few weeks ago. My yarn is a slightly different colour. Easy to knit top down size 0 to 3 months.
Pattern is Marianna Mel Kinzie baby cardigan jacket ( I only made 3 buttonholes) and Kinzie Baby Hat.
I used Ice Yarn Magic Light.

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Another resident for back of the lounge
I am not a good spinner so just made this to wear while sitting around at home. Spun wool is heaps warmer than commercial wool and this is both light and very warm, if not far from beautiful or glamorous. Made it a few years ago, and it makes a cosy runner on my bed at night. No need for bedsocks.

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Checkerboard Slippers.
I now make them with raw wool inside them for an additional layer of warmth. Have given away about 35 pairs of these slippers in the past maybe five years?


Anyway, enjoy. They are wonderful to wear even if funny to look at. These are mine at all stages of wearing. The inside of one I have worn and flattened down is the second picture. I tie the staples of washed English leicester onto the "ladders" which appear on the wrong side of the knitting. Very convenient, those ladders, lol.

Ladies, the pattern is on this website and I have it in my head. Please don't ask for me to type it again, as it is easy enough to find. Enjoy viewing.

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nephew picked up Ted Bear
Duane came by for a visit today and picked up Ted Bear for his 4 month old grandson. He had his dog Max with him. He's a two year old black and tan, coon hound mix. Adorable as all get out. Well, he saw Ted and thought it was a toy for him. He went into full play mode. So cute. Duane had to disappoint him. Nope, he can't have the bear. Poor Max. He looked so dejected. Sure made us laugh though.
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Info on Tile Pattern Baby Blanket
I loved this blanket and as no one had the pattern, I researched and found this. Hope it helps.

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Raglan sweaters have become my "favorite way" in knitting sweaters. It reduces the bulky arm seams I used to have when using the more traditional methods. I enjoy knitting them from the top-down and from the buttom-up.

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Stash-Buster Sweater
I think, I am addicted to yarn and cannot seem to make myself "toss" leftover yarn - so, I keep collecting the leftovers. Once in a while I make myself do a project that simply reduces my "stash-collection". This sweater is one of those projects I completed today. Thanks for looking.

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Inherited knitting machine!
Bill brought Millie's knitting machine today. I am both delighted and mystified! It is, at this point, all 'Greek' to me! I'm not even sure how to tell you what model it is. I took some pictures. He also brought a stack of books, one is the instruction book that came with the machine. There are a stack of books, including many issues of KnitKing magazine.
Here's what I took photos of.
The last two are an extra bit that came with it, but I don't know what it is, so far. Seems almost a whole separate machine. Box says LC DR Tucker. ?
Well, I have a lot to learn and I know yo ladies will be a big help to me!

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