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K1 long stitch
I am doing a pattern that requires a k1 long stitch. I understand how to do it. On the previous row you do k2tog, then ssk and then knit 4. On the k1 long row it says to do a knit stitch in the row below and between the k2tog and ssk. I can do that and then knit in the k2tog and ssk. Then finally do another knit stitch in the row below and between the k2tog and ssk. So basically you have 4 stitches. My problem is doing the second long stitch because I can't keep the yarn on my needle to pull it through. I thought about using a crochet hook to grab the yarn, pull it through, and put over my needle. But I didn't know if that would affect the look of my project as it basically creates a little eyelet. Is there a trick to doing it? Can I use a different stitch? I don't have to have the eyelet pattern. But I want it to work out the same as far as stitch count and size. Thanks for any help.
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Several posts have mentioned knitting top down sweaters. Back in the dark ages, when I was a young mother knitting sweaters for my boys I got a knitting pattern book the size of a magazine, not really a book, but far more than a leaflet. It was titled "Spinnerin 101 Ideas Lesson 2." I was never able to find lesson 1. It gave fantastic directions on knitting every imaginable sweater in every size from babies to adults, male and female, cardigans, pull overs, turtle neck, vests, etc. It was copyrighted in 1963. I still have my well worn copy. I wonder if anyone else has one or if we could find one on eBay. It is a treasure that I could not part with. I still have one of the sweaters I knitted for the boys and I wear it when it gets very cold and I need to go out on the farm for some reason and do not care about looks. Nothing wrong with the sweater.

The great thing about knitting from the top down, it is easier to get the length right on the sleeves and the body.

I used the same idea to knit ponchos for many years. I must have knitted two dozen of them, just starting at the top like I was doing a top down sweater, but never stopping the increases not stopping to separate arms, if that makes sense. MN
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Simple Sweater by Joji Locatelli
A paid pattern.
I used Remix and love it! This sweater is XS, made for my oldest daughter for Christmas this year. I made the back tail a little longer. I used size 4 and 6, but used 3 for the cuff. I really enjoyed this knit.
It’s not blocked yet- just alittle is needed on the bottom. I would make this again!

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Stand for yarn winder and swift
When I was at the KW Yarn Fair last week, there were individuals winding skeins for donations.  I was wondering where they got the stands for their winders and swifts. Does anyone know where they may be purchased?

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If you've crocheted a 10-stitch blanket ... I have a question
I have a lot of small balls and want to experiment with a 10-stitch crochet blanket: I want to use 5 or 6 stitches instead of 10. Was wondering if it matters if I have an even or odd number of stitches? Concerned about the corners.
With my small color amounts, I want to get longer sections of color. Any advice? Thanks for your expertise.
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making Christmas gifts
I went over to visit my oldest son and girlfriend today. They asked if I will knit some things for them to give as Christmas gifts. They gave me money today to replace yarn and buy patterns, etc., more than generous. They want their gifts to be keepsakes; that's how they refer to my knitting. I am so happy, I can't stop smiling. We decided on one orca, which is finished already, Odd Job Man by Alan Dart, two Skiing Steffi dolls, and Juggle Birdies with nest and eggs. I have all kinds of time to knit these projects. I am so looking forward to it. I printed the patterns tonight. I ordered the book that has the Steffi doll in it and it shipped today so it shouldn't be too long getting here. This is so cool. They thanked me all over the place and I feel I should be thanking them as well. Awesome.
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Using a needle size guage
I inherited a bunch of circular knitting needles and crochet hooks .... unmarked.
I also received three gauges ... two plastic and one metal.
I am not sure how to read it .... when I put a knitting needle into the hole, do I read the hole where only the tapered end fits in butnot the shank? Or the first hole that the entire needle fits? Should it fit the hole snugly or have 'wiggle' room?
How do crochet hooks fit in? I tried a known K hook but could only fit it in the P hole .....
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North Las Vegas Machine Knitters?
I will coming to Las Vegas for an extended stay next spring. I was wondering if there is a machine knitting club on the north side of town.
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Puzzle pieces knitting pattern
I am having a hard time today
Cast on 6 stitches
Knit 4
Knit 1

No matter what I do and obviously I am doing something wrong, I do not come out with 8 stitches at the end as it says I should.
Has anybody made this pattern? I would really appreciate guidance on this.

Thank you

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what is your oldest UFO?
Mine is a granny square baby blanket that I started in the early 1970s with yarn bought at Sears and Roebuck. They are still just in squares waiting to be sewn together.
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