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Another Traveling Cable Hat
Whenever I wear my hat to work, my coworker always admires it and shows it off to everyone. Since it's been really cold in Washington, DC, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and try out the Red Heart Ombre yarn to make her a hat. I'm pleased with the way it turned out, and the Traveling Cable Hat pattern by Purl Soho is always such a joy to knit.

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Cascade Venesia worsted yarn
Has anyone used Cascade Venesia worsted yarn?
I read a review of one lady that said she hated it. She said it pills horribly.
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Are you in need of color inspiration?
I just went to get the mail and saw my succulent plants. My thought was, who would ever think to put those colors together, but boy do they ever work!

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How to print out knitting patterns on Pinterest
I have saved a lot of dish cloth patterns on Pinterest but can't print them.
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Freezing yarn
This week there was a discussion about freezing yarn to eliminate any "critters." I have never done this. Do other knitters do this with all their new yarn or do some people just take their chances? Is this necessary for all yarns, for example, is it needed for wool yarn but not acrylic? I have huge bins of yarn. If this is needed for all yarns, I'm going to have a full freezer for quite a while.
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Lena B inspired me
This is my first shawl/wrap. I saw what Lena B is doing and I am encouraged to try to do that kind of good thing too. I used Caron Simply Soft Stripes in colour Golden Gate Bridge. I cast on 40 stitches, k one row, k1, yo, knit to end. This is the row I knit til I ran out of the yarn. It ends up being 46 inches across by 16.5 inches deep. It covers my shoulders and comes down a little bit in the front. I hope it will be useful. I will try a few more.

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Hand spun and food coloring dye
This is some of my hand spun alpaca. I used food coloring to dye it. My first time with that. I was hoping for speckled but it looks like I got too much dye in it. I used Neon colors.

I will be making a new little Staircase Shawl.


Twisted hank

Wound and ready to knit

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All done - or maybe not
Cuff to cuff, free hand, no pattern.
Should a knit something in the neckline or leave it raw as it is?

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Cheryl Jiles pattern
If anyone has the DBJ disk for the Cheryl Jiles baby blanket that has all the animals on it, I would love to purchase it. Please contact me if you do.
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Unexpected sale!
So there was a man on one of my face book groups who has been following my posts of Chemo Caps as I finish them and send them off. Well he was looking for a gift for his wife and saw this set I had made (just because not cancer related at all) and asked if he could buy it! I know I didn't charge enough for it but it sure put a smile on my face and that made it worth it! And now I can buy more yarn. LOL

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