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Another Way to Re-use Old Toothbrushes?
Wonder if those nice thick, cushy, ergonomic toothbrushes could be drilled (take the Dremel for a spin, after removing the TB-head) to make ergonomic handles for the smaller steel crochet hooks? :)
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Hoping I have this right
So, in my effort to complete UFO's, I picked up this scarf again. It is called winding way scarf. Making it in an ice blue cashmere that I got on ebay about 7 years ago. When I work on a project I make alot of marks on a pattern to indicate where I am. That works great if you only put it down for a few days. Picking it up after several years is another story. If I understand my chicken scratches, I think I am back to row one. Hope that's right. Here I go.....

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Very happy with these online stores.
I recently had purchased some fixed circular needles from both Dashing Mouse Designs from Ohio and from the KnitBin in South Carolina.
The customer service was outstanding. Dashing Mouse Designs was very patient and courteous with me when I purchased Kollage soft cable in April, and I returned for an exchange last week. They were very helpful in helping me choose needles for the exchange, made the decision, and I sent the needles back for the exchange. Meanwhile, I realized I wanted something different, sent an e-mail, and received an answer immediately. No problem, they got the needles I sent back, filled my new order and shipped it back same day with 3 day delivery estimate. And they sent me a refund, For the balance,which I didn't expect.

And KnitBin had 20" cables from HiyaHiya, which I had to look for and my whole purchase and shipping took less than 3 days. Ordered on Wed. a.m. received Friday afternoon. She has an online store out of her home. Check out her web site. I do a lot of shopping online, and other than Handsome Fibers for my tools, these are now 2 of my favorite places. They have no idea I am posting these statements, nor do I receive any benefits for doing so. I just wanted to share my experience with Knitting Paradise.
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scarf for the cooler days
Make hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes. I will knit for winter while it's still cool enough to be comfortable. Our son discovered that his apartment has air conditioning. Our other son and daughter in law are having air conditioning installed in their home tomorrow. I figure those two wonderful things will guarantee us the coolest summer on record. teehee. No, really, I do try to knit for winter now so that I have some things to take to knitting club in September and November for the winter months. This scarf is 5ft5in long, 40st. wide, and is k1p1 in Lion Brand Scarfie yarn, which means the yarn does all the work of colour coordination for me. woohoo Another good thing is that this is pretty much just one ball of yarn. I had used some of it for something else previously. The ball of yarn is 312 yards

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Is steeking with acrylic yarn worth it?
I am starting a very simple sweater in acrylic yarn. The pattern calls for knitting flat, but it would make it a lot faster and mindless if I did it as a tube in the round, but then add a lot of excitement if I then used steeking for the sleeves, since I am new to steeking. I'm using acrylic yarn, so that would require strengthening. After reading articles, lessons, and watching several videos, I am wondering if all the work needed for the strengthening of the steek would actually be worth the benefits of knitting such a simple pattern in the round. The sleeves would be picked up from the steek, so it needs to be fairly strong. I don't have a sewong machine and wouldn't know how to use one. How would I sew a reinforcement if I crochet and sew? I really like the resulting sweater, so I will probably make it several times. What do you think? Suggestions?
The pattern is Lion Brand L40200. Thank you!

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Does this add up?
Starting with 92 stitches on both front and back. Join to begin knitting in the round for a total of 184 stitches.
Increase Row: *K2, M1, K5, [M1, K4, M1, K5] 9 times, M1, K3; rep from *once (for a total of 224 sts or 112 for each front and back).

I keep adding this up and and it appears that there are a total of 40 (M1) increases, but only a total of 91 existing stitches for the front and back for a total of 182 + the 40 increases = 222.

I will fudge it to get the right number, but I want to notify the designer if there is an error.
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Night Shades finally finished!!!!!
I only need to block it & then I will post it on Holli.

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Here is my sock with the FLK heel- flubs and all...
Sorry for the huge pictures!!
The "ridged row" you see on my heel, well that is the main flub. I knit a row where I should have purled.
I saw it after I continued 2 more rows but said, screw it, I'm leaving it- lol
All in all , I LOVE the way this heel fits my foot and I didn't have to change to smaller needles like I do with a flap/gusset heel.

Now, I'll be starting my second sock. Hope I remember everything!
Thank you to all who helped me along the way for learning the FLK heel. This one takes me longer, but I hope to get better at it and it won't take too long.

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Help with chart
I need help understanding what to do on one box of a chart. I am making a baby blanket and want to use this Lacy Heart chart (hopefully attached and hopefully the key is readable). Row one I knit 5 stitches, then I come to the box with a circle in it (chart = yfwd). The next box the chart tells me is sl1, k1, psso. So, my question is, when I move my yarn to the front do I knit the very next stitch basically doing a yarn over or do I go right into my slip stitch with the yarn in front? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Knitting Cruise with Arne and Carlos
I just returned from a knitting cruise on the coast of Norway with Norwegian knit designers Arne and Carlos. What a fun trip we had. As part of the cruise one could join in a mystery knit along designed by A&C. We had fun knitting on the ship and when folks what ask us what we were knitting, we’d ™d respond that we didn’t know, it was an MKAL. We definitely got some funny looks.

Turned out to be a cowl, which I’m m going to make into a pillow as it never gets cold enough here to wear it.

Thought I would share a picture of the finished product.

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