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Help - machine knit cap pattern
I’ve been told that no question is stupid, but this one might qualify. Nonetheless, here goes. I have not done any machine knitting in a long time, but I thought I remembered knitting a beanie in the round on the Brother machine with ribber. However, I cannot find a pattern. They all have a seam either in the back, front or side. Finally my question. Is it possible to machine knit caps, eternity scarves, etc. without a seam? Thanks
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Autumn Leaves Cowl (C)
Really enjoyed making this. Quick and easy. Ready for next winter already! Pattern is Autumn Leaves Cowl by Mon Petit Violon.

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Got this at our local fiber fest yesterday. I bought this to make something special for me. I need suggestions please.

yarn information

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Granddaughter’s christening shawl
Shetland lace christening shawl worn at her christening in Dec 2018.

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Ghoulish knitting intructions, help needed to locate please.
Back around October, an amusing cartoon explanation of the knit stitch was posted. I have been searching for this to forward on to my niece who has started to teach her daughters to knit.
The directions were
1, Stab it
2, Strangle it
3, Scoop out its guts
4, Chuck it off the cliff

Does anyone remember this? I have tried searching using key words Ghoul, Halloween, Knit jokes but not found it yet.
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Cardigan help
Hi I’m knitting the back and fronts all together I cast on 1 stitch less for the seems when I get to the raglan shaping the pattern reads cast of 2 stitches do I cast of 2are 1 I hope I have worded this right can someone help please
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hi i want to do a fairisle from book 3 as im about done in with khc and krc. the one i want is number 9 in book 3 but in number 1 book the number 9 pattern is different what will the machine do and how do i tell the machine what book pattern i want or is the 3 books only for certain machines
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Loads of yarn options to pre order at ALDI
Coming soon.

Saw it on line this morning. (Sunday)
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Another one for my Peter Rabbit collection
This time Jemima Puddleduck. I’m thinking maybe Mr Todd next.
Thanks for looking, patterns for Peter and his bunny friends is already on LoveKnitting “Peter and friends.”

Thanks for looking

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My First Persian Tile Hexegon
Well here is my first Persian Tile Hexagon I started it over a week ago had to rip it out about 8 times and restart it but I persevered and it came out ok I am pleased with the result this will be a slow project as I have other W.I.P. Well just started the next one so that went ok no ripping out as yet

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