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feza candy deluxe yarn
I know it's been discontinued for a long time but am hoping that someone may have a skein (or a few) to sell. Am not concerned about colors. Thank you for checking your stash.
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Need easy simple baby hat direction for left over yarn
Hi all,

I will be having about 20-30g of left over baby weight yarn, needle size US 5 or 6. I want a very easy hat pattern for a newborn to 3mo. The baby will be born in February. So it will be cold here. It is SW Missouri. Have no idea how cold it will be this winter. They have been so changeable the last few years. The persimmons show spoons in the seeds which means it is supposed to be a bad winter. Got me if they are right all the time or not.

If given the approximate number of stitches in which to cast on for the ribbing, that would help. I could probably wing the rest.

Thanks bunches and oodles!!
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Loom Knitting
The grandchildren are visiting in a couple of weeks and although I hope for good weather to get out and about, I also prepare for being indoors.
I have printed off pictures for them to colour-in but an ad caught my eye for Loom Knitting. So I have been checking out You Tube...... round looms, ovals and straight ones. The round ones seemingly can be used for straight pieces but there is no indication of what size, or number of pegs i should be considering for 6 and 8 year olds.
We may not get as far as a garment but I would like it to be fun and something they could take home with them, or we could continue together at Christmas.

So what I need to know (am in UK) is there are brand i should try and find, what should I look for? Also Sizing - is it in inches, cms. or number of pegs. Also what yarn would be best. One video says DK comes up very thin. ANY help would be. most appreciated. I have access to Amazon but also specialist on line companis. Finally, would it be worth trying to find a very simple book? Many, many thanks in advance to any responders!!!
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Unicorn hat
My daughter asked me to make a unicorn hat for my granddaughter. I had fun creating this, hopefully it resembles a unicorn. I used a hat pattern from gypsycream for the basic hat, modified the ears. The mane is a tendril technique I learned from Cat Bordhi but I used a crochet hook to add to the completed hat. And I made up the horn. I hope the kids like it.

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fruity knitting
i found this when i was looking at Shetland wool week fruity knitting there are over 80 Podcasts on this program, its Husband and Wife knitting, meeting designers, picture of nice scenery i like this podcast but want time to look at them hope you like them cannot remember if F K is capitols or lower case some of them are an hour long
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Bird nest
We found this little flying squire on the ground, it was shivering and alive. Put it in a cardboard box with some rags but did not help. I went inside and quickly made a little nest. Put inside lots of cut up yarn and put the little baby inside. It made itself at home very quickly. We called a wild life agent and he came and got it. The weird thing is that we are not supposed to have flying squires around our area. We could see a nest way up in the tree. The agent was impressed with my nest😄

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Can anyone help? K n C
I consider myself an experienced crocheter, but something has me totally stumped. Someone asked me to crochet several pot-holder squares similar to quilt patterns. I told her I would be happy to help her out. It turns out the crochet stitch is actually Intarsia Crochet which I have never done. I have researched and see how it's done but for the life of me I can not master it!!!!! Never before have I been stumped with crochet instructions. I can't tell you how many times I have ripped out, started over, made no head-way, started over again, etc, etc,. etc. about 8 or 9 times.
Now I am wondering if intarsia crochet patterns can be converted to knitting. The instruction sheet is a chart (which I have never done before) but I know some knitting patterns use a chart. I know someone will ask me to supply the pattern,. but sorry to tell you I have no idea how to scan and post. The pattern has written on the bottom " --Pot Holders Aplenty" The photo shows 3 different patterns. The ones my friend wants is the pinwheel graph and the flying geese graph. I pretty much gave up on the pinwheel pattern and have had better luck with the flying geese one, but got stuck as soon as I came to the top of the first series of what looks like pine trees. It says not to carry the yarn, so I assume I need to cut all 7 balls of yarn and start over again. Am I right about that? I think I would have a much easier time of it if I could knit these patterns. Can they be converted? Please help!!!! Thanks in advance to all you expert K-P-ers!
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What is this tool?
My girlfriend found this tool in her grandmothers knitting/crochet stuff. What the heck is it? It has a yarn I or guide through both ends the one little end looks like a needle blunt end with an IN it and the other end has a guide for the yard to run through we don’t know what it is. Anybody here now?

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Ophie likes her hoody
She does have some growing room!

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loose ribbing
I am working on a Brother 940 with a Brother 850 ribber. Suddenly the ribbing seems to be very loose. Would that be caused by the distance from the ribber to the main bed or something else?
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