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Using a needle size guage
I inherited a bunch of circular knitting needles and crochet hooks .... unmarked.
I also received three gauges ... two plastic and one metal.
I am not sure how to read it .... when I put a knitting needle into the hole, do I read the hole where only the tapered end fits in butnot the shank? Or the first hole that the entire needle fits? Should it fit the hole snugly or have 'wiggle' room?
How do crochet hooks fit in? I tried a known K hook but could only fit it in the P hole .....
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North Las Vegas Machine Knitters?
I will coming to Las Vegas for an extended stay next spring. I was wondering if there is a machine knitting club on the north side of town.
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Puzzle pieces knitting pattern
I am having a hard time today
Cast on 6 stitches
Knit 4
Knit 1

No matter what I do and obviously I am doing something wrong, I do not come out with 8 stitches at the end as it says I should.
Has anybody made this pattern? I would really appreciate guidance on this.

Thank you

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what is your oldest UFO?
Mine is a granny square baby blanket that I started in the early 1970s with yarn bought at Sears and Roebuck. They are still just in squares waiting to be sewn together.
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Original Cowl / Neckwarmer Design?
Hi there, all!

Here's the latest entry in my cowl obsession. I believe that I may have developed a new design? I've never seen a pattern shaped like mine.

In any case here's a couple of pics. (the one of me wearing it is most accurate, colorwise)

I think it looks a little bit like a fun interpretation of a snake ...

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Yarn shops in Belfast,Northern Ireland
I am in Ireland and looking for local yarn shops. Does anyone have any places they might think of?
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row after icord cast on
I am first learning the I-cord cast on. It appears to me that the next row, after the cast on row, is wrong side. If my project is based on stockinette, should I purl or knit next row?
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Dpn question
I havent done much with dpns but I can see where they are necessary. I bought a big set online, really cheap. I mean really cheap in price but they are really nice. Wood, smooth and in every size. 4 each. The problem is they are 7 in long and they really get in the way of each other. What lenghth is best for hat decreasing?
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Cable stitches
Having difficulty with a 10 stitch cable getting so tight cannot proceed with pattern
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Squishy Mail
A big thank you to KP member crivitz! She had offered, on this site, free cotton thread to anyone willing to reimburse her for the postage. I gave her the colors I would like and told her any size would be appreciated. For less than $24.00 she sent me all of this. She asked to be reimbursed once I received the package. She took a big chance trusting strangers to keep their end of the agreement. She stated she trusts everyone on KP, which is awesome! After being on this site, I think I agree with her.
Again, KUDOS, to crivitz!

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