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A Few more Fisherman's Keps (K)
Since I knit my first Fisherman's kep last spring I decided to knit a few more.
The first one was knit for my daughter in law for Christmas. The second photo shows that it is completely lined.
The second one is for another daughter in law, she wears it every day walking her children to school.
The third one is for my husband - all yarn from my stash (he chose the colours himself)
The fourth one is mine, the fold-up band shows the new Canadian Girl Guide logo
All are made from various brands of sock yarn
DIL's Kep Christmas present

DIL's Kep showing lining

Kep for the other DIL

And one for my husband

Canadian Girl Guide logo

...and with the lining

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Sugar-Stick Hat
I found the stitch pattern in Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns. The stitch pattern is called Sugar-Stitch Rib so that is where the name for the hat came.
The hat weighs 1.5 oz. The yarn is Unger Utopia, acrylic. I knit it with size 8 needles except for the rib which was knit with size 7 needles..
The yarn was gifted to me from my dear friend's stash. She was a very gifted knitter and is greatly missed.
It wasn't until the hat was finished that I decided to turn up the rib. Had I decided sooner I would have knit an inch more of rows before starting the decreases.
I hope you like the hat.

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Hi. My pattern says yfwd followed by skpo. Does this mean I knit a stitch after yarn over or do I yarn over and start directy to skpo?
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Bee Stitch Decrease
Hey! Does anyone have any tips for decreasing in the round using bee stitch? I am knitting a hat and during the decrease portion it comes out of the pattern and it just does not look quite right!
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Copyright Question
I am working on a paid pattern for a yoke sweater and cannot figure out how to do the short rows. Would it be against the copyright laws to copy and paste just the short row section for an answer to my problem? I have already contacted the designer and her explanation leaves me just as baffled.
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Hot off the hook
Sorry the picture didn’t come hope this works this time
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Cold, but lovely
The view from my deck with the mountains' icy tips shining in the late afternoon sun. Temperature about 14 degrees and falling ...

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top down cardigan
I have made this cardigan so many times, my pattern is pretty tattered. The paper almost feels like fabric. I think the pattern must be discontinued. The yarn I used is Patons Canadiana in Pretty Baby.

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Just off the hook
Made this for a girl at work I hope she will like it
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size 17 needle
In the last couple of months someone posted a need for size 17 needles. I just found I have one, but do not remember who originally posted. I've tried the "search" section above & haven't found it. Anyone remember who posted the need? I'd gladly give the needles to her, as I won't use one that large.
Thanks for your help....
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