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More Mittens On Their Way
Another batch of mittens on their way to an organization.
They were picked up today..This time they are all men sizes as I was told there are more men than women in their program.
The program deals with patients with mental illness.
This makes 82 pairs that I have knitted this year.
My goal was 100 but I still have time before the harsh winter sets in.

To answer some of your questions about if I buy the wool myself:
The answer is I buy some but through the generosity of people I am given some wool to keep the program going.

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Which size is Aguja de crochet nº 0000 de acero inoxidable (0000 stainless steel crochet hook) ???
I come across this size crochet hook in a Spanish crochet pattern but I don't know that size.

Who would
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Simply soft yarn
Hi everyone. Would Caron Simply Soft be considered DK or is it strictly worsted weight?
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SOS - need more Classic Elite Firefly yarn - Denim - to complete my Costa Maya cardigan
Help- SOS. After rippping out my original Costa Maya (after having done back, 2 fronts & sleeves) and redoing it all, I find that I am 1/2- 3/4 of a skein short of finishing the shawl collar. My yarn is Classic Elite Firefly (the yarn called for in the KAL) color is Denim #7793 and dye lot #18648. If anyone has a skein or slightly less that they have no use for, PLEASE PM me (bwessel). I’m willing to pay $ (at least to defray postage). Thanks so much!!
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Unfinished project
Hello,I'm in the middle of knitting a new born Romper.The instruction for the back side is confusing. I need help to go through the steps.any volunteer
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Yarn Delivery
The dogs were barking wildly at the front door and I couldn't figure out why, until I saw the brown UPS truck driving away. This is what was inside the package left on the other side of the door: delivery from ICE Yarns

I can't wait to use the olive green yarn for something interesting. Might combine it with other colors. Or cable a hat.
Ice Yarns & Free Tote

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Reverse Stockinette Stitch
I have watched three you tube videos about reverse stockinette stitch and none are clear to me. So I'm guessing that this is just what happens when we make a mistake and purl instead of knit. In other words, the bumpy side is on the right side. My pattern just says work the next four rows in rev. st. stitch. I am not to that point yet. So is that what revere stockinette stitch is? This would be a design element. The pattern I'm making is 'experienced' and I'm not really that. So maybe this is something that's obvious and everyone else knows.
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Childrens Hats (K)
These are two of my finished hats, experimenting with Mohair and colorwork. Small projects are more fun.
Childrens Hats

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New baby gifts
I’m generally not a fan of grey or maybe I’m just a little bored of it. But I actually think this set is quite cute. All for my daughters best friends baby girl. Just need to find some buttons
Mariannamel Charlie hat cardi and blanket

Baby kimono from Ravelry

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Rectangular crochet racer shawl
I have been surfing the net for hours trying to find dimensions for a prayer shawl..rectangular, not a triangle...and how much yarn i’ll Need...I just want something with a pretty edge on it in a size 3 weight yarn....I have 4 skeins ICE i’m Looking for a pattern of pretty design made in that wt so I can estimate if the 4 skeins will do it....anybody out there do rectangular prayer shawls?
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