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Warning re: Red Heart Yarn
I made an afghan in the Crochet Mesh Stitch for my dad for his b’day in Nov. he’ll be 93 so I wanted it to be ready for that day. It took me months to do. I’m an expert knitter & crocheter, 50+yrs so my gage is always consistent. I started with a chain of 188 & did 3 rows repeated once of Royal Blue, Delft Blue & Light Blue of 240 rows total. My starting width was 37” & ended up with 34”. That a difference of 3 whole inches. The weight on the paper band claims that all their yarn is 7 oz/198 g. There is a different feel between all 3 colors. I worked hard in order to get this afghan done because my dad is not in good health & lives in a nursing home so I figured that it would cheer him up. A lady in my Monday morning group that meets together was having a similar problem, she had to rip her afghan apart because she probably thought it was her fault but I will tell her when I see her tomorrow that it’s her yarn & I will let the whole group know in case they had a similar experience. I wrote to the company & sent these photos to them plus others & I’m waiting to hear from them. I hope this helps anyone who is a Red Heart lover as I was. The one photo is a comparison of the 3 different yarns I used. I will keep you all posted as to the outcome.

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How far will you travel for yarn?
I was looking at a Berroco pattern and clicked on the link to find out where I could buy the suggested yarn. The closest place was 442 miles! They obviously think I’ll be willing to spend more on gas than on yarn.
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Understanding Patterns
I cannot follow this pattern :

1st Row K2tog, K14 turn.
2nd and alt rows- purl to end.
3rd row - K2tog, K10 turn cont in this manner working 4 sts less each time and dedc at beg of alt rows until the row "K2tog. K6 has been worked??????????
Can anyone help please
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Diagonal blanket not square
When I was about 1/4 way into this blanket, I pulled the needles out and was going to rip it out. When it was off the needles, it loosened up a bit and I thought maybe it would block out into a square. Not even close. It's a parallelogram, a rhombus.

It is so far out of square, it's useless as a baby blanket. My d-i-l says it folds into a perfect diaper.

Diagonal-knit patterns don't mention you could end up with a kite instead of a blanket. Of course, they probably do mention the gauge you should be getting. I didn't bother with that--it's just a blanket, but it grew longer than it grew wide. Extra increases would have helped, but I didn't want to mess around with the pattern. If you don't have that 90° angle right from the get-go, you'll never get a square. I should have gone ahead and ripped. Live & learn.

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Ever have one of these knitting sessions?
Made my swatch a few days ago. Gave it time to relax, then measured for my gauge and created my knitting instructions. (I use Sweater Maker and make a few manual adjustments after my pattern prints.) Knit the back, let it rest overnight and then check the gauge. Knitting is way off. So take a new gauge, recalculate my pattern; rewind the yarn and start again. Knit 100 rows, yarn catches on the rubber wheels of my 970 carriage. Start again. Twice the yarn knots on its way up to the tension assembly. Each time, I have to cut the yarn and rethread the tension. Time lost but at least the work is unaffected. Almost done with first piece, the back, when the carriage jams. This time only 35 stitches are involved but takes me 45 minutes to untangle, reset the needles in the pattern and continue knitting. Finish the back start the front. Should have quit then. I use a cast-on rag and waste yarn. Dropped the rag and waste yarn twice. Finally I get my second piece (the front) knitting nicely when the knitting drops off completely. I forgot to close the gate!

I quit knitting until tomorrow.
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Mystery yarn-- Any ideas what to use this yarn for?
I came across this cone of yarn in my stash and can't think of anything it could be used for. It feels like a size 5 crochet cotton. A knit swatch on size 3's feels pretty firm for a sweater or vest. What about a knit doily? Maybe use two strands and knit a market bag? Thanks to finntwins for instructions on how to upload a photo!

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Question on the eagle hat in Animal Hats to Knit
I am wondering if anyone has made the eagle hat in Luise Roberts Animal Hats to Knit?

I have the beak all done on the separate needle and row 20 says this:Needle 1 (this is the main part of the hat) p57 p10 from the lower beak; Needle 2 p10 from the lower beak p57 from the hat.

That part is all good except there is now a main color hat row in the beak...

Row 21 says with the main color k57 Beak color M1R, k7,ssk k2 k2tog, k7 m1L Main color k57

here is where the line of row 20 shows up and the making of the stitches is actually in the carry over between the joins of the 2 pieces (which will work and can fix any gaps when the beak gets sewn.) Not sure how to do this otherwise? If I use the beak color on row 20 how does the beak actually attach to the hat?

Some other questions? When you are finished with the beak row and going to back to main hat and main color - do you pull the main hat color tight to finish the other side? That way the beak will stand upright?

I have added a picture of the beak and the hat as they are joined.

What I am missing?


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Two photos of 31 hats shipping off to West Virginia for farm workers’ children

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Remember when buying homemade
Remember when buying handmade 😘
A customer wanted to purchase a beautiful Wire Wrap Bracelet and spotted an artist who did absolutely amazing work, but she charged a good price too.
The customer thought that the artist's price was way too high so she approached the artist and in quite a brusk fashion stated "I want to buy a Bracelet from you, but I think you charge too much."
The artist was a little taken aback but replied, "Ok, how much do you think I should charge?"
The customer replied “I think you should charge “X” much, because the wire will cost this much, and the clasp this much, and the cabochon this much. I even factored in the price of your pliers."
The final price the customer had calculated was a lot cheaper than the artist's original price, but she said "Ok, deal. You will get your goods in a week".
The customer was very pleased with herself and can’t resist telling all her friends what a fabulous deal she has negotiated and how smart she is, and that in a week she will have her gorgeous Bracelet.
A week later her parcel arrives in a lovely packaged box. She opens it and inside is Wire, a Clasp, a Cabochon, and 2 sets of Pliers. Angrily she contacts the artist asking “How could you do this to me? I asked you for a Bracelet and you sent me a box of Wire, a Clasp, a Cabochon and 2 sets of Pliers?!?!"
The artist quietly replies "My dear, you got exactly what you paid for, if you think there is something missing, then you will need to pay for it."
Moral of the story, when you buy handmade you are not just buying the materials you are buying the artist's , time, effort, love and dedication that goes into making your pieces.
I copied this from another post but thought it was very to the point.
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Magic Knot did not work. Any suggestions?
I am knitting a throw using Red Heart Hygge which is very silky feeling. I was frogging because of a mistake and came to the magic knot and I simply pulled slightly at both very short ends and the knot simply came apart. It makes me wonder how durable this knot would be during laundering this throw.
Does anyone have a another suggestion for joining a new ball of this yarn in the middle of a row?
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