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HI KP'ers....please give me your opinion on using the Irish Moss stitch for a baby sweater! I have always knit the body in Stockinette--and wonder if the Moss stitch would be o.k. Of course, I know what you'll say--do a sample swatch!!! (hee, hee!). Thanks anyway!!! Appreciate you!!
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SSK Question?
I am watching a video on doing SSK. My question is will I have the same amount of stitches that I casted on with with within the same row? Thanks!
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Punch Lace/Thread Lace question
I have been a Brother 910 knitting machine knitter for many years, and have done transfer lace - but recently became the owner of an Empisal Knitmaster 321 knitting machine. I understand that it will only knit the punch lace or thread lace. I am liking the fact that I will be able to achieve a lacey fabric without all the back and forth with 2 different carriages !
My question is - what do others use as the "thin yarn" that will hold up to wear? I sell my knitted garments and want to be able to feel I have sold a product that will last well through repeated washings and wear.
I have noticed that most Empisal Knitmaster users seem to be from the UK, so I hope that suggestions for what is used there is also available in the US.Thanks for any help!
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Thrift store finds
Yesterday I passed up some Red Heart yarn for $1 a skein with 3 matching skeins and a couple of others. I left it for someone that needed it more than I did. I was proud of myself for I have determined to reduce my stash (or at least not increase it considerably). So today I ran across some yarn at another thrift store and this time increased the quality of my stash. All this for $5.00.

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Dak 8
Got my dak set up, drafted garment, added stitch pattern etc. Downloaded to km. But when i try and knit it its not happening.. Anyone know of online courses. Followed the tutorials to do everything but cant find anything on the actual knitting bit or trouble shooting.
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Weather here in Lincolnshire
The heavens have just opened here
Thunder lightning Hale and snow.
And now the sun is trying to shine.

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This morning a link was posted for a Cat Bordhi sock
I read the post but was unable to open the link because it was no longer available. If someone was able to read it, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it. AmyKnits posted a response. I think it was for an afterthought heel.

Thanks in advance.
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unknown stitch
Does anyone know what this stitch is???

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DIY Machine Knitter's Design Board screwed to a wall
Ok, I have lost the link to the description - nowhere to be found and probably forgot to save .... grrrr - but the idea is to create a Machine Knitter's Design Board screwed to a wall.

The lady used a large sheet of knitting graph paper with a sheet of writable acrylic so you can draw, write and wipe everything off with a wet cloth.

I have not many walls in my small house, but I do have many doors so I intend to make the design board there.

If someone knows which site I mean and has a link to it, I would love to hear it

I downloaded the image below a long time ago from a blog - which no longer exists - and I erased the one on it.

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Finished or almost finished projects which get put away
Wondering if others have finished or almost finished projects that they put away? Often I think I knit just to accomplish something new and I am fussy. Some projects that I have knit and given to others include Christmas stockings, socks, bags (wedding reticule, shopping bags, phone & i-pod bags) and two baby blankets. With the exception of the baby stroller blankets my knit gifts to others consist of small accessories or socks. So many knitters knit clothes for children or babies but by the time I decide what to do, the child, infant, or toddler has grown. I knit a few wedding stoles but worry that brides have very definite ideas and if they have a lacy gown, it seems possible that a lacy stole or shawl could detract from what they would like the overall effect to be. My husband has 3 plain-ish sweaters that he wears but again I worry about making clothes for others that doesn't suit their style. One reason I like machine knitting and have a standard machine is because I like to wear mostly lightweight garments myself.

I have made my own punchcards and knit scarves and cowls but then after knitting, I decided the design wasn't exactly as I wanted. i tweak designs endlessly. Friends say that they don't like anything around their neck and I have observed that this is true of many people, so again I do have knitted scarves and cowls which are stored away. Family members live in T-shirts in a hot climate.

Should I feel guilty about knitting and putting away? I do, and I think about the yarn that could be put to better use. More of the stored away knitting consists of samples than actual finished projects so I am not inclined to unravel. Is this wrong?
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