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For the last 3 weeks I can not seem to finish any of my wip item. I currently have a sock, bib, cowl, lap afghan, afghan all on knitting needles and I have on crochet hooks a blanket and a preemie hat which have been on the hooks for months. And I can't seem to get myself to finish the items. I will pick up something new to start on. Has this happen to anyone else? I ordered yarn from Ice yarns and received the package on Wednesday and will not let myself open the package since I know I will start another item to use with some of that yarn.

The sock started it all. I am doing my Favorite Vanilla socks by Meaghan Schmaltz on 9in circulars and I hated doing the heel flap and turn. I am on the instep and can't seem to finish it. With the bib I only have the last shoulder to do, but I am not happy with the way it turned out, the cowl is what I am currently working on. The afghan I only have 3 rows done and put that down to work on weekends when I do not get interrupted by friends calling. I can not seem to pick that up and start on it. Which I really need to since I was planning on giving that as a wedding gift in Oct. I was hoping to make some hats and scarves as Christmas gifts for my family and friends but I feel I should finish what I started before I start on that.
Any advice on getting me to finish the items I have started or should I just start working on other stuff? Since I got stung by a black wasp on my ankle yesterday and it still is a little swollen and sore it is a good day for me to just sit and knit as much as I can.
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August Makes
These have kept me busy in between looking after hubby and grandson.
Apart from the bride and groom (Jean Greenhowe) the others are all my own designs.

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Item ID
Can anyone help me identify this item?

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Baby (girl) shower gifts
My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby in early October. My gift to them included bibs, burp cloths, a taggie blanket and a stuffed fox. What would I do without Pinterest? They seemed to really appreciate the handmade gifts.

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Cast on stitches
My knitting cast on stitches are always messy, any suggestions on how to make them neater?

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so true for so many
from my Facebook page

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new day -new hat
Warm Sunday wishes, everyone!

what's your needles today? I made another quick cable hat... kind of fits both -my kids and me... hmm, i think i am keeping this one for myself! (I think i'll post this one soon -and it will be at $1 -for limited time -as my thanks to all the kind and crafty friends i have in this community!)

and of course -another poem (excuse the spelling and pls do free to correct my grammar!)

I rhyme and knit,
and sometimes sleep,
I dream of cruise,
no bags or shoes,
Come knit with me,
Set your worries free!

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Looking for standard sizing
A while back I purchased luxury cashmere silk merino yarn intended for someone’s baby. They had a difficult time staying pregnant and finally three years later are past the stage of worry.

I want to design a long sleeve and long pants onesie or sweater set for a newborn or 0-3 months, since I haven’t found anything online I love. I have designed hats and mittens and changed existing patterns to what I needed but never something so complicated from scratch.

I’m just not sure what size newborn or 0-3 babies are. Is there a resource that tells me how big a chest is, how long sleeves should be etc?

Thank you all for your help
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Not sure how to tackle / knit this - please help
Hallo Everyone , I have a project in/on my mind which would involve to knit a rounded longer than front "shirt style back" .
My Question : Is it possible to cast on all the required stitches in rib and then do partial knitting ? OR ... do I start with partial knitting and increase till I have all the stitches on the machine - knit the rest of the back and after completion pick up stitches to do the rib ...OR - knit a separate piece and attach it later ? What is the best way to go about this ?
From my experience with all you so talented KP friends there must be help coming my way - Thanks 🙏 all ready in advance ,Ose
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For you fun2

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