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Using this platform to purchase yarn
Is there an opportunity to use this website to purchase yarn from fellow knitters. I have a need for a discontinued yarn that someone else might have and be willing to sell.
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What's the best way?
I've added many fur pom pom's to hats, but they always seem to flop around! I've tried adding a button, but that doesn't seem to help much....can anyone give me any pointers please and thank you.
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Questions about crocheting two types of yarn together
I'm going to crochet a pair of Dragon Gloves for my daughter, and the yarn I would like to use is a combination of a lace-weight 60% mohair/40% silk and a 50% cotton/50% acrylic yarn that is either fingering or DK weight -- it doesn't specify and says to use crochet hooks 3.75 mm for the dragon scales and 5 mm for the chain. I could use either one or two strands of the mohair/silk yarn with one strand of the cotton/acrylic. Do you think this will work? If so, do you suggest one or two strands of the mohair/silk? I am primarily a knitter, so am experimenting here with crochet, although I do crochet some. Any comments/suggestions are welcome, and thank you so much. I'm new to this group, so not sure how this works.
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Snowman n sitters
All done woohoo x

Done all 4

Just finished him different to one in book x

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Kevin the carrot
Was asked to make one for my friends grandson

(It’s from an advert in the UK)

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Brother KH970 + KH850 + cabinet for sale
Brother KH970 Electroknit complete with CB-1 and lace carriage,with some accessories + KH850 Ribber carriage with some accessories.
(NB accessories not in their entirety as per manuals but sufficient to not hinder use of carriages or the completion of garments )

Purchased recently for the Knit drive motor unit only which was included in the sale.

My husband has cleaned both carriages and needles and both appear to be in good working order (as was confirmed by the original seller). I have not tried to use the CB-1 but am including instructions on how to do so which I down loaded from the internet and included with the manual instructions - which were also downloaded.

I already own and use a KH965 and KR850 which I will continue to do so.
Therefore the KH970 + KH850 are surplus to my requirements and have now been fitted into a cabinet as seen in the photographs - which is included in the price.

Might any Knitting Paradise-er be interested in the purchase of these as one package ? - would make an ideal Christmas gift perhaps ?

I live in Lincolnshire UK and it would need to be collected or could be delivered for the return cost of diesel within 25 miles of our home

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I'm Not Politically Correct
And I have no intentions of ever being the modern version of politically correct. But I will be kind, tolerant and respectful to others until they do something so heinous that I can no longer respect them.

I will remember that everyone has different religious beliefs. Your beliefs do not make you wrong and I respect your religion as long as you respect mine. If I offend you by wishing you a Merry Christmas, please understand it wasn't done with malice. Just let me know you don't celebrate and I will politely apologize and then wish you good fortune.
If I act or speak in any way that makes you feel inferior due to your ethnic background, please realize that I did not mean what could be perceived as a unkind act. We all have skin. Each is a different color. White people come in many shade, none of which are actually white. Black people come in many shades, none of which are a true black. It is that way with all races. It's skin. It's made up of cells. Your heart is in the same location as mine. It is the equivalent of rejecting a gift because you don't like the color of the bow.

I understand there are now many more sexual designations than the traditional male or female. I respect your designation. I just don't want to know about it. I don't care if you are gay. Just don't give me details. I don't care if you are straight. Again, don't give me details. I'm about as shocked to be introduced to a same-sex partner as I am to a opposite-sex partner. I am liberal that way and can pretty much figure it out for myself.

Not everyone has the same financial situation. Instead of looking down upon the poorer person as a less important member of society, remember that they possibly didn't have your advantages. Those who are less educated are naturally designated to more menial jobs. Perhaps that persons parents died and as the oldest child had to raise and support several younger siblings, doing without themselves to educate the younger ones. Yes, there are some who are too lazy to improve their lot in life, but many had to make sacrifices to provide for others. Instead of turning your nose up at them, try to respect them for the hard work they do just to survive.

If you see someone with a physical or mental disadvantage, remember it was not their choice. Try not to stare, but be observant as to the difficulties they face each day. Be kind and help their care giver lift the wheelchair over a curb, hold the door of someone with a cane, pick up an item an elderly person dropped. Get out of that seat and offer it to an older person. When speaking to a person in a wheelchair, stoop down to their eye level so be less intimidating and show them they are your equal. When you are face to face, look them in the eye and smile. It will make them feel their life has value.

I try daily to do all these things, although sometimes I fail. I am not politically correct, I am considerate. I am also curious and I will ask questions of others of different religions or ethnic backgrounds in order to better understand. I will not compromise my beliefs and will not allow others to demean me. If I hear a comment such as "Isn't that just like a ____?" I will call the person out on it.

I cannot apologize for yet another of my long-winded speeches.
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here are my 2 snowman, same pattern, different yarn. yes, i will make some snowwoman too.

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JAL on Ravelry AG Knitters
It's for knitters crocheters, weavers, sewers, or just those who enjoy looking.
I have my three dolls done, just need to set up the xmas scene. Should we get any sunshine today...
5" baby girl, dress, bonnet & panties, boy in onsie & hat, front of girl. Thanks to whoever posted the 'easier fair isle' link! Then Mini 6" Molly and her baby doll!

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Hello kitty blanket
Hello Kitty blanket requested for a little girl, hope you like

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