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New spammer
IELTScertificato.........reported to Admin and the relevant exam boards because it is illegal.
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Sunshine Owl
This is my Sunshine Owl Afghan. Pattern is by Hooked On Sunshine, and is a great way of using up odd balls from stash. Unfortunately, pictures were taken before the owl was sewn on and the blanket was blocked!

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Stocking stitch facelift
If you are bored with regular stocking stitch, try this:

Row 1: ktbl
Row 2: purl

It gives a lovely 'look' to your garment, & I find that ktbl makes my knitting a little firmer.
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Foulard Scarf Pattern Question
Can anyone tell e the name of this stitch in English? In the pattern it is called "Devil Stitch”which I find no where on line:

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Finished and thrilled with it!
I posted awhile back about the super-springy somewhat uncooperative yarn I was using to make a shawl, but I persevered and it came off the blocking mat today and I couldn’t be happier with it! It is Hobbii Dream Colour 100% wool, light fingering weight

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Increasing for trinity stitch
I'm designing a fanny pack & using the trinity stitch throughout, so I'll be increasing on every other row. I began with a 20 st cast on, purled 1st row, 2nd row is * (K, P, K) all in next st, P3 tog, repeat from * across. On my third row, which is the purl row I increased the 1st 2 sts as well as last 2 sts to keep my st count as a multiple of 4, giving me 24, because by just increasing 1 st each end my st count would be off. The 4th row is * P3 tog, (K, P, K) all in next st; repeat from * across. These 4 rows are repeated for pattern.
The problem is when I do 4th row I end up with 1 extra st at the end I can't do anything with. The st right before this is the (K, P, K) in next st so it's not like I can P3 tog at this point. Do I actually need to keep my st count a multiple of 4 or not? Is this where I'm going wrong? In all the years I've been knitting I've not run into a problem like this. Thanks in advance for some much needed help.
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Knitting in Public at the Barbara Pym Conference
Last weekend I attended the North American Conference of the Barbara Pym Society. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss the work of my favorite novelist, hear presentations about the novel "Crampton Hodnet", which was the topic of this year's conference, and also to have plenty of time to knit in public!

In addition to being a writer, Barbara Pym was also a knitter, and there are many knitting references in her books -- as you can see on the conference poster.
So, knitting in the audience is actually encouraged.
Here I am, knitting a top down cardigan (same pattern as the one I'm wearing in the photo, which is a 1960's pattern).

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no tension rod for singer 326
Hi everyone.
just got my singer 326 from ebay has everything except for the tension bar.
any ideas where i can get one in Australia ?
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Baby bonnets
Here are two on my babies in their bonnets/hats I have made--both the dolls and the bonnets! Crocheted designs (unpublished) of mine. I still design all the time, but I feel that for the past 3 years that my mind has a mental block from going through all this cancer crap for so long. I really get and keep cheered up by painting baby dolls to look as real as I can and design and make things for them!

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Pattern confusion ... help please
Good evening, I see people have mentioned loving this pattern. I want to love it but I don't understand it and stuck at 118 sts.
See below, I have no clue what "continue as a set refers to' and I can't envision what I am even trying to knit. I looked for a video or one similar I could get an idea but this will be my first real sweater and I'm lost. Any help would be appreciated. I hate to try to find another as I had such a bugger of a time making the pants. Net time I think i'll buy the bear some clothes ! I thought it would be an easy way to get me more comfortable with clothing articles but at this point i'll stick with amigurumi and minor items (hats etc).

Continue as set for 5/6 cm (2/2,5") from cast on edge then cast of for sleeves as
follows :
Knit 18/23 sts for 1st front, knit 23/28 next sts for 1st sleeve.
Turn work and knit back on sleeve sts only then cast off these 23/28 sts.
Knit the following 36/40 sts for back; knit 23/28 next sts for 2nd sleeve.
Turn work and knit back on sleeve sts only then cast off these 23/28 sts.
Knit last 18/23 sts for 2nd front.
Join fronts and back, 72/86 sts on needle. Continue in st st keeping the garter st
When work mesures 4/6 cm (1,5/2,5") from the underarm, work 7 rows in garter st
then cast off.
Sew on the button.

thanks for any guidance.
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