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Hanger for interchangeable cables
Has anyone made one, it would be sewn heavy weight material. I just want all my cables to hang properly and in the same place not jammed into a small envelope they came in.I have two sets of interchangeable but have purchased many extra cables. Thanking you in advance
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Mr Bun, the baker
My Mr. Bun is done and some of you know the problems I had with his scarf. I went with ribbon as fortunate 1 suggested and I like it. What do you think? I was also wondering if the tail ends of the ribbon should be shorter than they are? Thank you for looking and helping.

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interchangeable needles
I have reg Knitters Pride interchangeable cn"s and a bulky set and the "short" interchangeable cn's. I keep needing size US size 1, 2 & 3.

Anyone know who sells this size needles that are interchangeable ... not fixed?
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Favorite Faux Fur Yarn?
Hello, I've seen a lot of cute faux fur capes/ponchos and I've been looking for a yarn so I can knit one! I don't want the stringy fur yarns, I want one that has thick, short, and soft texture if that makes sense. I've attached an image of the fur on a cape that I like so you can get an idea of what I want to imitate. Does anyone know of a faux fur yarn like this? Thank you!

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Heatwave Hippo Miss Bertha
Meet Miss Bertha, a Heatwave Hippo Pattern by Alan Dart. She is finished just in time for the last day of summer here in Tarzana, California.
Sunning by poolside

Laying among the gazanias

No glasses

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Shoulder Shawl made bigger
I knitted Lena B's "wrap," but just wanted it bigger...I had matching yarn in a lighter weight, so I crocheted (half doubles) with an "H" hook to match the original seed stitch border, and increased a few stitches here and there to compensate for the weight difference.....ended up adding 5" all around, and now I'm happy with it !

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Caron Cake yarn
Is there any significant difference, other than the size of the cake, between Caron Cake and Caron Big Cake? I found a colorway in the Big Cake that wasn’t available in the smaller Cake yarn. The pattern I’m using calls for Caron Cake and I’m wondering if there is a significant difference between the two that could Cause a problem.
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Shawl Question
Good day, fellow KPers,

I am thinking of knitting a shawl that casts on a large amount of stitches and then decreases. So a triangle. I don't find any knitting patterns that do this, and wonder if there is a problem with my idea?

Any input would be very appreciated.

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