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Pattern Instructions
A cardigan pattern I want to make says "MK" and defines it as K1,p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 all into next st, then pass 6th,5th,4th,3rd,2nd and 1st sts. over 7th st. How on Earth do you do this? Thank you!
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Another Wiliston shawl
Finished! Had enough left for a hat to donate too. (Floor isn't dirty--just sunlight coming through the blinds.)😁

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A couple of hats
Just a couple of hats that I have recently finished.
The first is for a child - basic beanie knitted in Wendy Chunky Merino. The second, beret is in Wendy DK Merino. The pattern is The Perfect Beret by janelleknits

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New spam alert
I am not sure if this is in the right place, but this is, I feel, a particularly dangerous spam. I have received one email and one text, supposedly from Bell saying they are refunding me some money. It isn't for large amounts. The first one I got was an email and it looked exactly like an etransfer from a bank. I was a bit suspicious, because I didn't know why Bell would refund me cash, when I owe money on my account. I didn't hit the link but copied and pasted it and it did still look like an etransfer from Bell until I went into Bell to see if I got the money and noticed that part of the link which on the real Bell was '.bell.' and on the phoney one it was .bel. This spam would have had my bank information because it takes you straight to your bank. Please if you get a text or email supposedly giving you a refund from a company, QUESTION IT AND DO NOT ACCEPT THE MONEY.
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Jaiden's Bedtime Gnome
I hope to get it to him on Sunday. He is my friend's grandson.

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Grandma can you make me...
My 7yr. old Grandson plays basketball at school
and asked me if I could make him a basketball rug.

Of course I had to make one for each Grandchild.

There's a basketball, baseball, softball,
Ghostbuster ghost and Balloons from the movie Up.

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Silver Birch Cardigan from Premier Yarns
I am a blind knitter with sixty years of knitting behind me. However, this happens to be my first project using self-striping yarn. I am using the yarn and color recommended in the pattern. When I made the second sleeve, I was told by a sighted friend that the sequence of color changes did not match those in the first sleeve. Must I begin by finding the place in the new skein which matches the beginning of the first sleeve or are such patterns as the Silver Birch Cardigan, which are made for self-striping yarn, based on asymmetrical color changes?
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Studio 560 help
I have searched KP for help but am still confused. I recently purchased a Studio 560 but it has no mylar sheets. But I was given many punchcards Does the 560 ONLY accept the plastic mylars? Or are those just for designing your own patterns? Can a pattern printed on regular paper be used?
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Double jacquard with a ribbed edge?
Thank you to everyone that repiled to my question yesterday!! You are all amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️

Today I have another question for ladies with double bed attachments!

Can you do double jacquard and knit a ribbed edge at the same time?? From what I can see when knitting double jacquard it looks different from 1x1 rib.. so if making a baby blanket could I pattern and knit the ribbed edge at the same time??

I would really appreciate answers because I haven’t found anything online on the topic :( and I’m trying to do research before I invest money in a ribber

Abby ❤️
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K1 long stitch
I am doing a pattern that requires a k1 long stitch. I understand how to do it. On the previous row you do k2tog, then ssk and then knit 4. On the k1 long row it says to do a knit stitch in the row below and between the k2tog and ssk. I can do that and then knit in the k2tog and ssk. Then finally do another knit stitch in the row below and between the k2tog and ssk. So basically you have 4 stitches. My problem is doing the second long stitch because I can't keep the yarn on my needle to pull it through. I thought about using a crochet hook to grab the yarn, pull it through, and put over my needle. But I didn't know if that would affect the look of my project as it basically creates a little eyelet. Is there a trick to doing it? Can I use a different stitch? I don't have to have the eyelet pattern. But I want it to work out the same as far as stitch count and size. Thanks for any help.
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