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Some Funnies
Pictures from my hubby trucking friend.

Don't blame the be continued.

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Franken-dress completed
When my daughter asked me to make my gd a dress for Halloween it seemed simple enough, just a sleeveless jumper. First problem, I avoid sewing at all cost, if it can't be done in one piece it won't get done. I can barely manage buttons. I found a pattern, but it was huge. This is where I started to wing it. I changed the stitch count and just followed the shaping instructions. The dress pattern started with a provisional cast on, so you work the top up and the skirt down. Then I decided I wanted the skirt flared so I went with increase 12 every tenth row. For the hem I decided to get creative, I didn't want texture and I don't sew, so I doubled the stitch count minus one and used hollow rib. I'm very pleased with the result and will probably use this again. I bound off with i-cord. I bound both the front and back stitch from the hollow rib at the same time. I tried to do an applied i-cord around the neck and sleeves, but it looked terrible. Instead I picked up stitches around and used the same i- cord bind off. The close up pictures are the front and inside of the hem.

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Yarn substitution not going well
Hi! (I’m not sure if I posted this in the right place!)

I’m knitting a sweater. But instead of using the suggested yarn, I bought a dk weight yarn (or a light worsted) to use in place of the worsted weight yarn because the gauge was supposed to be the same as the worsted. (The dk is 20 sts/4” with a 4mm needle; the worsted is 20 sts/4” with a 5.5 mm needle.). The problem: I have tried 5.5-4.0 mm needles and can’t get the gauge right and I can’t for the life of me see how anyone else could either!!! I’m usually fairly accurate with gauge and actually I had some of the suggested yarn, made a swatch and is was correct.

So having knit the back piece of my sweater in different sized needles (for fun-not!) and comparing it to the schematic, I noticed that if I used a 4.5 mm needle, it would be similar to the measurement in the schematic. The sweater has a positive ease and is forgiving-I don’t care if it’s a little big.

What would you folks do? Would you make gauge come heck or high water or wing it and use the schematic as your guide?
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Does Anyone have a Pattern for a pretty fold trim to use around an edge?
I have seen Diana Sullivan's youtube about an trim that folds around outside edges. However, I need one that is a little larger than that - maybe about 5/8 of an inch on either side.

I appreciate any suggestions. I am working on a top that I need this for.

Thanks for looking!
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Progress on my sweater with plenty of markers
I been a little sick so my progression is VERY slow
This sweater is with recycled cashmere yarn from Thrift store
I am working from top down
I made a banding then I pick up stitches from that and I did raglan sleeves
Is a combination of three patterns
Also I want to show you how I use markers and life lines
The V neck raglans and sleeves are done by cotton thread front to back and front again
Where the button holes are there is a thread mark where the buttons will go
The other markets are for cables under arm center back ....,
I almost run out of markers
The older I get the more markers I need
I hope this will help someone

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increasing without holes
Hi knitters,
I'm making a sweater and on the last row of the ribbing it says to increase by 10 stitches which I did but in continuing with the stockinette stitching I see little holes where my increases were. I increased by knitting in a knit stitch front and back. So many rows down the project, I didn't like the holes and decided to rip it all out back to the last row of ribbing hoping to find another way to increase without the holes. Any suggestions are welcome
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Top Down Raglan Lace Cardigan

Just wanted your opinion.

My ultimate goal is to knit a top down raglan lace cardigan.
I have never made a top down sweater before.

Would it be best to make a plain raglan cardigan first before knitting a lace one?
Or should I just jumped right into it and make the lace one first?

I am an experienced knitter too.

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Items for donation
These are ready to go with the other things I've made for various charities. My group meets tomorrow & we will sort through everything we've made during the year and decide what goes where. Hats are basic beanies. Little jacket is from My first try. Like the pattern. Works up quickly but not sure I like the way the yarn worked up. Thanks for stopping by.

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Donation Hats
I have been making hats for awhile now for ladies and men who are homeless and for inner city school kids girls and boys. I had hoped to get them out before our Thanksgiving but unfortunately we had a wicked snow storm.
Thanks for looking.

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Today is our 53rd anniversary. How will we celebrate? Going out to dinner and then I'm going to the knitting group at my LYS. He will go home. Then we'll switch back and forth between watching baseball and watching politics on the TV. How romantic! But it works for us.
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