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Using scrubby yarn
when i am using red heart scrubby yarn (which is 100% polyester) to make exfoliating wash cloths, i like to add a cotton yarn as well.

i use size 10 knitting needles, and double the scrubby yarn. i cast on 30-40 stitches depending on my mood, and i use garter stitch throughout. then i tie on a cotton yarn (usually a peaches and cream yarn) and knit the first row with all 3 strands. i leave the cotton yarn dangling and knit two rows in scrubby yarn. for the next row, i pick up the cotton yarn and knit 1 row with all 3 strands. i continue that way - knitting two rows with scrubby yarn and knitting 1 row with all three - until the cloth is the size i want.

the cotton yarn is absorbent, so it will hold more water than the polyester alone. i have found that my cloth will really hold wonderful suds that way. the cotton strand softens the cloth only a bit. my skin comes out so smooth and soft. :)
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Some finished projects
Haven’t posted anything for a while

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Finally finished ! (Socks K)
I started these socks in the spring, then suddenly babies were arriving all over the place so I put them aside.
Taking a break from the baby knitting until I get more requests so I am going to try and finish some long overdue WIP’s
The yarn is from Biscotte Yarns. Lovely to work with !
Thanks for looking !

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Help with yoke
Have spent hours trying to get the yoke altogether any help would be greatly appreciated, finished all the sections of a baby matinee jacket and find getting them together on the needle a problem, don't know if it is because of all the yarn ends and when joining the sections those stitches appear to be loose after giving them a pull with the first stitch, any help would be appreciated, thanks everyone
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baby lamb not alpacas?
There was just a post on here about baby lambs that someone thought was an alpaca, I just fell in love with them (they are real not knitted) does anyone remember the site ? I really wanted to look at them again and get some information. I went through search and could not find them-please help-Thank you-nanad
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A Jumper (Sweater) for my friend.
My friend saw a photo of me wearing a cabled jumper, and she said "One of these days I am going to buy some wool, and you can make me one the same, as I just love cables" I decided, as it is her birthday in early January, that I would knit one for her, for her birthday, and here it is.
It is a pale lilac colour

This is the book, from where the pattern came from

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Looking for a knitting pattern for young child’s mittens with a robin on
Hello ,
I’ve been reading your posts for over a year now , and this is the 1st time i’ve Put up a post .
It is quite a difficult time for my family at the moment , as my Son in law recently died in a traffic accident. Prior to this I had started my grandchildren’s winter mittens and my granddaughter had previously wanted monkey mittens but since this tragedy she has heard that robins are special , when visiting after someone has passed and she now would like robin mittens ( she is five ) . I have seen robin toys or Xmas ornaments but not mittens . Hoping someone could help with this extra special request . Thank you in advance Muriel
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Wool ease Hand-Dyed yarn
I’ve just seen this yarn in Michaels and would like to know if anyone has tried it. It’s 80% acrylic and 20% wool. There are a couple of nice colourways. There was another yarn called Heaven Hand dyed I believe.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Lengthening underarm of sweater
So started a raglan cropped sweater over a year and a half ago. Finished to where divided for sleeves and sleeves are on waste yarn while body is being knitted. The sleeve depth was fine thrn, but unfortunately i have gained weight and now the armhole depth is too short and the sleeves at underarm will be too tight.
The sweater body only needs a few more inches.
My question is whether there is a way to knit in an underarm gusset to lengthen the armscye so it wont be too tight? Or do i need to frog back and lengthen the armsceye?
Or would best advice be to just rip and start over?
Thanks for any and all advice.
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Socks for my sister
My sisters birthday is October 24 and decided to make her a pair of nice socks. The yarn is Pairfect from Arne and Carlos.

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