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I am posting this here because the first post that mentioned this was here.

I had to look this up - never heard the term before. Wikipedia was very graphic in the description and it does seem extreme. But then I have 25 sheep, not 250 or 2500. In the photo it shows the area where fly-strike hits and where the skin is removed. I can't imagine what kind of expense is involved in doing this on a huge flock, but it would be a permanent fix for breeds that grow wool heavily in that area. They mention "crutching" which I do on my ewes if they are going to lamb before shearing. I shear away all the wool in the anal and udder area, pretty much what mulesing removes, but I am only shaving, not skinning. I do this because new lambs sometimes have trouble finding the teats when a lot of wool is in the way addend up sucking on a tuft of wool. It also keeps that area cleaner during suckling. What I do is to put the sheep up on a shearing stand and as I say "shear away all the wool in the udder area until I can easily see the teats". Of course this is a temporary fix for 1 year only.

The only time I have dealt with fly-strike was early in my experience when we were renting land to a flock. A lamb had fly-strike in its belly - probably at the umbilical cord area and it was infested with maggots. Mike, the owner was holding it by the front legs and dumping the area in a bucket of disinfectant while I scraped out the maggots with my fingernails - using a flashlight. It was pretty icky. That is when I decided to get my own sheep - why was I doing this for somebody else? The area was then sprayed with BlueCoat, which I think is a form of Gentian Violet and turned loose - it was fine.

This would be a tough thing to deal with if it was rampant - no good choices. But in a closed warm area like that it is a logical place for flies to lay their eggs. My breed of sheep (Miniature Cheviot) do not have heavy wool in that area so it probably doesn't make that a breeding ground so easily. Also I would guess that New Zealand has a more lengthy warm/humid climate and breed that grows heavy wool there.

Doing what is best or right is not always easy.
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Peacock Tea Cozy crochet
I am gifting this to my niece who collects peacock items. There is no pattern. I did use Prince the Peacock by Sara Katherine for the eyes of the feathers, wings, head (modified quite a bit) and head feathers. The rest is just fiddling until it worked. I have never had a tea cozy and I did not care for not being able to access the pot, so I have started making them with the top able to come off. I also like having the hot pad for the pot to sit on. Stay tuned to KP for my next cozy (I made three in all). Not sure I will get it posted today.

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Knitting with circular needles
I started a project yesterday on 5.5 mm circular needles. There are 352 stitches. By row 3 it looked off like it was twisted. Has anyone done the first 3 or 4 rows and then joined in the round. I read that somewhere. I think it would be beneficial to me for this project but wondered if it would work. I know I would have to make sure I purl the row if it said knit etc. I should have mentioned I am making an adult sleeved poncho and you start at the bottom.
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Knitting/Crocheting for a good cause: The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Group
I brought up the subject of types of yarn that are safe and I see that another poster started a topic about yarn not being for birds. I contacted the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Group and this is her reply:

HI Casey,
I understand you concern for the knitted nest. Please know they take great care in the use of these so baby birds are not harmed. They line them so they cannot get stuck or eat the threads.
Again Thank you for your concern.

So we can make some nests and help these people out which is great news.
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Help - machine knit cap pattern
I’ve been told that no question is stupid, but this one might qualify. Nonetheless, here goes. I have not done any machine knitting in a long time, but I thought I remembered knitting a beanie in the round on the Brother machine with ribber. However, I cannot find a pattern. They all have a seam either in the back, front or side. Finally my question. Is it possible to machine knit caps, eternity scarves, etc. without a seam? Thanks
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Autumn Leaves Cowl (C)
Really enjoyed making this. Quick and easy. Ready for next winter already! Pattern is Autumn Leaves Cowl by Mon Petit Violon.

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Got this at our local fiber fest yesterday. I bought this to make something special for me. I need suggestions please.

yarn information

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Granddaughter’s christening shawl
Shetland lace christening shawl worn at her christening in Dec 2018.

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Ghoulish knitting intructions, help needed to locate please.
Back around October, an amusing cartoon explanation of the knit stitch was posted. I have been searching for this to forward on to my niece who has started to teach her daughters to knit.
The directions were
1, Stab it
2, Strangle it
3, Scoop out its guts
4, Chuck it off the cliff

Does anyone remember this? I have tried searching using key words Ghoul, Halloween, Knit jokes but not found it yet.
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Cardigan help
Hi I’m knitting the back and fronts all together I cast on 1 stitch less for the seems when I get to the raglan shaping the pattern reads cast of 2 stitches do I cast of 2are 1 I hope I have worded this right can someone help please
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