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Shawl Question
Good day, fellow KPers,

I am thinking of knitting a shawl that casts on a large amount of stitches and then decreases. So a triangle. I don't find any knitting patterns that do this, and wonder if there is a problem with my idea?

Any input would be very appreciated.

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HELP ! Motor not responding

I'm having issues with my Passap electronic 6000, which is working with a electra 3000A motor.
When I want to knit, I press down on the pedal, and it's not responding. (Or once in a while)
There are two wires beneath the beds that have been cut (when I disassembled the machine to put it away). They are literally beneath the beds, and I can't find where they would connect to AT ALL since I reassembled the machine.

It would appear the issue is with the motor responding to the pedal.

Do anyone have the faintest idea how to solve this issue ?

Thanks so much !

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Please help with shawl neckline
I would like to make a knitted triangular shawl with a slight scoop at the neckline so it does not bunch up behind the neck when pulled up over the shoulders. Many Faroese shawls seem to have this feature but I would like to add it to a nice triangle like LenaB's or half of a corner-to-corner. I would appreciate it if someone could explain how to do it or point me to a pattern or written directions. I have done internet searches but not found it, maybe because of my wording. Thanks.
Autumn Crocus
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New hat, lesson learned
I am probably not going to use bfl/silk (black) with Panda Silk (white, recycled from a mistake sock without prewashing the kinks out first).
I now realize the silk diminishes the elasticity of the wool, and bfl does not have the same quality of crimp that merino has. When will I ever learn. Duh I knew better, but I still love the feel of bfl.
Pattern from Colorwork Creations by Susan Anderson-Freed. And yes I did improvise at the start.

Prior to adding the pom pom

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Sari silk, someone was looking for some
If I'm in the wrong place forgive me or not.

Someone was looking for sari silk, I have searched, can't find them, if that person reads this let me know, I have a small amount left over,

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Number of stitches
I am using a 5 ply wool. I would like to know if anyone could tell me how many stitches should I cast on for 3 -6month old baby pls.0-3 months is rather small.thanks a lot.
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Another sloppy joe in Aran weight. This time for Charlie.
You might remember that I knitted one for Orson in wine and cream bands. This is a James C. Brett Acrylic. Marble. together with some others that I had in my stash. I like how it came out. Nice and warm.

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what you recommend a stork patient
if I want to knit what you suggest when easy no one here to help or ask help
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Test Knit set up
I've joined Yarnpond and have a test knit set up for the Shmoneh Shweater. It's a unisex sweater available in 6 sizes (34, 38, 42, 46, 50, and 54).

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Is it okay that I’m not in college?
In the replies I’d like to see what you have to say :)

So I’m in my early 20s and I’m not in college like everyone else my age. Is that okay? I’m moved out and live with my boyfriend and he is amazing and pays for rent and food. I don’t currently have a paying job, but I do paint everyday possible and I hope to eventually be able to make some money off of it.
I’m not someone who obsesses over money, as long as we can pay rent, eat, and get hobby supplies I am perfectly fine!
Is it worth me potentially not making a lot of money to do what I love everyday?
I think yes!!!
But most people don’t think so...
Ever since I was little I knew it’s what I wanted to do, because I’ve always been artsy. My parents still want me to go to college but I think they’re just happy that I’m happy.
But when I meet new people (met my bfs family for the first time today) and they ask what I do I draw a blank.. they ask if I’m in school, I say no, then they immediately change the subject, like I’m not even worthy talking to anymore. Just because I’m not in school doesn’t mean I’m not educated, I keep up to date with current evens and politics.
Another big part of the pressure on kids to go to college is middle school and high school. I remember in middle school we were told to start thinking about what college we wanted to go to.. it just seemed crazy to me. And then in high school that’s all anyone would ever talk about and it just seems screwed up to me. Sure college is good for a majority of kids but not everyone has to go, and I shouldn’t have to feel like a total outcast.

How do you guys feel about the subject? I’d like to know how those of you with kids feel about it too!
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