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Two crocheted shawls
These shawls were quick and easy and fun to make. The gray/white one was made with 2 Sweet Roll cakes of yarn. I am sorry that I don't know the name of the pattern, as I mistakenly deleted it after I finished making it. The white shawl is called Summer Nights Shawl, and I added the blue beads for a bit of sparkle.

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Instructions for Amish Knitting Loom
Does anyone have instructions on how to use an Amish knitting loom or know where I can find them online. I have found some instructions on how to build but not how to use. I am looking for large size usually for rugs or afghans. Picture attached as I don't know how to put on here. My father is attempting to build these for a shop and it would be easier if he knew how it worked. You may respond to this or PM. Thank you for any help.

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Mickey mouse
A short time later, someone posted details for Mickey. Mouse ears. Do you have any more details you could share... Thanx
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Nootka Rose Lace Shawl Knitted by me !..
I used needles US=8 (5 mm) and charted pattern (from Evelyn ClarK Designs) and my yarn 100% Nylon yarn in colors: black,pink,Crea,- which is unusial for shawls !.. I used 3 scanes = 250 meters. So here it is : It is 75" at the upper edge and 37" from top down. Here it is :

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What does this abbreviation mean?
A sock pattern I am working on includes "Ddec" and then goes on to explain it as S1 2 tog knitwise, K, p2sso. Please help me to understand this. Thank you so much.
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problem with Debbie Bliss pattern DB194
I am currently knitting the "Stevie" pattern and have run into a confusion with the front. I have followed the instructions up to ** of the back. The decrease rows make no sense to me. Am I reading it wrong? I k25, skpo, k27, k2tog and k25. I have more stitches on my needle. What now. Also it seems that the decrease parts are in the middle rather than at the ends. Help.
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I updated the buttons left for sale
I updated the buttons listed in classified as of today 08/20..anyone who has contacted me ,I have your buttons put aside for you,Thank you
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Problem With m1Lp and m1Rp Stitches
I am having a problem making the 1mLp and m1Rp stitches in a sweater pattern that I am knitting. When I make either of these stitches I end up with a hole in my work and am wondering if anyone can help me to solve this issue.

I watched several videos on Youtube on how to do these stitches and I thought I was doing them correctly, but I always end up with an ugly hole.
I bought lace knitting needles with pointed ends and am not having a problem lifting up the bar between stitches and inserting the needles into the back or front legs of the stitch as required but I must be doing something wrong.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to correct this problem.
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Need help with this pattern (C) please
Hey All:

I love this blanket I found in the newest Mary Maxim catalogue but it is labeled 'Intermediate' so I'm not sure if I can do it.

I called and the phone agent didn't know what the pattern was nor how difficult. She suggested I just buy it (kit with yarn) and if it was too hard, return it. I don't mind paying for the pattern and yarn, but I didn't think I wanted to pay postage both ways just to find out the pattern was too difficult for me.

Does anyone know this pattern? I'm not asking you to share it, just give me the gist of why it is labeld 'Intermediate'.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Cast off Edge for Shawl
I'm looking a stretchy cast off for a large shawl but not too stretchy as there will be a few rows of crochet edging to finish it off & I'd like both parts to have a fairly close "stretch factor" so they match.- what would you guys suggest ? Many thanks
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