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Interesting find at estate sale
I could not resist this unusual crochet item at an estate sale this morning. It is 4 1/2 incheslong and there are two very tiny crochet hooks that fold up into it, or can be used with the brass piece for a handle. I cannot find anything that looks like this on line, but maybe someone else will be luckier than I am with a search. It says Morris & Yeomans on the brass piece.

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All done, but I made a boo-boo, and am NOT going to fix it!
I finally finished my over-sized baby blanket ..... It is now a large-ish lap quilt. I made boo-boo 54 rows from the brginning, and did not discover it until I hung it out on the clothes line after washing it. The last picture has the boo-boo.

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Substituting German short rows for W&T
I am working on a bottom up top on circular needles, using a linen yarn. I’ve divided for the back and am at the point of starting to shape the shoulders with a series of W&T short rows. I’ve been viewing “Pinks” tutorial on the German Short Row which I would like to use, rather than the W&T method. Is there a KP’er out there that has used the German short row method and if so, may I have your take on the finished look of this? Would sincerely appreciate comments and/or help.
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Twist yarn vs. roving yarn
Do you ladies use both of these? What is good and bad about them?
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Another sweater
Just finished sweater number two. I put it outside to dry after shaping it. It is almost 100 degrees outside. It should dry quickly.

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Is it easy and straightforward to do cables on the knitting machine with ribber , i.e. making the cable on the ribber.
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Oops, maybe time for a break?
I’ve been using double-pointed needles since I was a kid, no problem. I’m sure I’ve made this boo-boo before but don’t remember exactly... You know that moment when you’ve just knitted the last stitch on the needle and you grab that needle from between your fingers to start using it in your other hand, but then oops 😬 you realize that empty needle is STILL in your left hand and what you’ve really just done is pull a loaded needle out of live stitches in your stranded colour-work? Yup, time for a break.
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Latest Brain Itch, Basket Weave Vests (K)
For the folks that are not subscribed to the Designer's Shop, I wanted to show you the latest Brain Itch.

Since I found out I was allergic to fleece, I needed to replace my fleece vests. This is one of the designs that I had worked on a few years back and pulled it to the front of the pack!

I used Lion Brand Pound of Love and Red Heart Super Saver. My test knitter, Vivian C., used Red Heart Super Saver.

This is good for man or woman. Looks good on hubby!

Thanks for looking and have a beautiful weekend!

Beautiful Bright Red!

Dark Hunter Green

Painted Desert, compliments of my lovely test knitter.

Lavender! A niece claimed this one before I was finished with it. But I did get some buttons on it before it walked out the door!

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Please help me find this pattern
It uses Bernat Mega Bulky. The pattern seems to have vanished from my existence. Can you help? Thanks!

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Hobbii Shipments and Surprise 'Treats'
Just in case any of you haven't noticed, I just realized that Hobbii included a treat or two in the two shipments of yarn I've received from them. Way in the bottom of one shipping bag, which I was about to throw away, I found a pack of three plastic tapestry needles. So I quickly went to the bag I'd already thrown away and found a small seam ripper and a single wrapped hard candy, heart shaped and cherry flavored. I need to order a lot more yarn from them so that I can get free things. (I'm also very pleased with both orders and will continue to order from them. A similar first order from Ice didn't leave me as enthusiastic although Ice yarns definitely have their place.)
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