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Magic loop knitting
Just completed a jumper for my wife, top down knitting in the round. The number of stitches in the sleeves meant I had to resort to the 'magic loop' technique. This has left me with what are called 'ladders' in certain places. Has anyone experience this and if so, what can be doe to alleviate this in future? Any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

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Conservative coloured socks,...
I made these for my doctor who I have the feeling that he may retire very soon, and sneak off without a big fanfare. He has been my GP since 1973 and he has cared for our entire family including my mother...I am going to miss him so much! I loved the wool as soon as I got it from Woolwarehouse and knew I would make them up for someone very special.

The cuffs are Aranthracite by Opal and the self striping yarn is REGIA 02903/ 5812. It is Design Line Random Stripe and matched up reasonably well
He will probably wonder WHY, as he is such a humble man!!! Hope that they will fit him now..thanks everyone for looking.

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Sock blank
At the recent local fiber frenzy I dyed a sock blank for the first time. Since bringing it home, I have unraveled it and wound it into two identical cakes. Now to knit some socks! It may be awhile since it's the end of the school year and as a teacher, I have a lot going on. The process was fun, though, and I'm anxious to see how my socks will turn out.
My sock blank that I dyed.

The sock blank after steaming.

My identical yarn cakes!

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Comfort Doll with orange hat
Here's another little doll. I hope you all aren't tired of these little guys. I still enjoy making and giving them!

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Newly finished
This was a pattern purchased from Knit Picks using Brava Bulky. Hope you like it.

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My First Knitted Lace Shawl Completed
I bet I took all of the 93 stitches off the needles 50 times. I finished with all mistakes corrected. I never figured out what I kept doing wrong. I had an 8 row stitch pattern and wrote it down. I tried to find it again, but couldn’t. I never wrote down the title. The yarn I used is Plymouth Aireado.

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A salute to DH
I ran amok (with the aid of a KPer who alerted me to a sock yarn sale) and bought 6 skeins. I started on the on that was in a ball and on his own DH spent the better part of an afternoon making proper balls for me. The clever lad asked for my yarn ball and put the store-bought ball in it to keep it contained while he wound it onto my yarn baller. There was one that was actually in skein form and he put that onto a swift to wind it. The last one was a bear and didn't wind onto the baller well at all and he spent as much time getting that right as he did on all the others put together. What a guy!
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Islamic clothes for ladies
Hi Everyone

Where can I purchase Islamic clothes for ladies in Nashville, Tennessee 37215.
If anyone selling them online or from home please pm me with your address.

Thank you very much
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K - I feel ridiculous but don't know where I am in this pattern!
Please help! I found an incomplete knitting project that I started a few years ago and didn't finish. It's called September Circle, a lacy circular scarf knitted in the round. I know I completed Row 9: k5,yo,dbl dec, yo, k4. I'm not sure how many rows I knitted after that but have to do 3. Can anyone tell by my photo how many knitted rows I completed after Row 9 so I know where to continue in the pattern? I follow instructions very well but recognizing my stitches is sometimes a mystery to me. Thank you for any help! Sorry, the photo does not look very clear.

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Intarsia knitting
I will definitely make a swatch, but I thought I would ask about some guidance.

I've used my yarn in regular stockinette stitch at tension X. I've used the same yarn in fairisle and I've increased the tension dial to X+1. If you have had experience with intarsia, does your experience tell you to increase or decrease the tension from X to X-1 or X+1?

Any other guidance you can share is much appreciated.

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