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This Is New So Help!!!
I have never done a Top Down Sweater before. The pattern is Cascade Yarns' Sarasota Textured Top Down Cardigan DK420. My first problem (and I 'm sure there will be more to ask you about later) is that under materials it says U.S. 6 (4 mm)/36" circular knitting needles or size needed to obtain guage and the next line reads U.S. 7 ( 4.5 mm)/16 circular and DPN knitting needles or size needed to obtain guage. Now when I do sweaters in pieces and they list 2 different size needles they generally tell you in the pattern which ones you use when. This does not occur here except in the Designer Notes "To maintain the same guage on the sleeves as on the rest of the body I had to use a larger needle at the point in the pattern when the sleeves are worked separately in the round" but no size is given. It looks like there is a band around the body and the cuffs of the sleeves and this is generally knit with a smaller needle. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
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Help!! Toe up socks.
I am going nuts trying to figure this out. I have knitted socks for donkeys years but want to learn this method. I have bought two books. Toe Up Socks and Toe Up Socks, Two At A Time..for now I need to ignore the second one.

Maybe I am just too old to learn a new way but I need to try.

The books look like another language to me and I am not getting it at all from the pictures and the instructions so I went to Youtube.

There is a lot of info on there about this method and I am hoping that someone can tell me which video to focus on. I watched one with a nice quiet voice showing me how to start, she seemed to be just wrapping the yarn over the first two needles rather than actually casting on as I think of it.

I can probably pick it up from a video rather than a picture but as I know diddly about it I don't know whose video to follow.

Is here anyone out here that can point me in the right direction please rather than me trying to figure out all the options first..

Thank you for reading
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Before and after
I took Tess to the local dog salon for the "works".

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A belated Mother's Day card.
I received this card and some doilies from my son in Wisconsin, it's one of those Lovepop designs.

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Pattern help
How do I know which is the neck edge?

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Toddler house slippers
I knit simple Bosnian baby boots.....cut a sole from left-over felt fabric....hand sew the felt with a few stitches to the bottom of the boots as the sole. I finished with a few yellow yarn stitches and admit: I learned a lot from this quick project.
The toddler's name begins with the letter: w

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Crochet gingham baby blanket
Just finished for my first grandchild due in early July. Don’t know boy or girl yet. Grey and white will work for either. I found the pattern on Pinterest. If you are interested visit Daisy farm crafts. I used Hobby Lobby soft secret. Enjoyed working this pattern and there was a video also.

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Need help with Sridar 1802 baby sweater
Hello everyone, I'm a newer knitter and I've been reading the knitting digest for a year but never posted before. I have a new grandbaby coming in September and my daughter found a pattern we both love, it is "Sridar 1802". I've never done a sweater before and find the pattern challenging, especially the third section where you have a repeating patter but different stitches on both sides. It's a paid pattern but has NO helpful instructions. Anyone made this sweater or have advice on the stitch pattern I have highlighted in the picture? The stitches for just that part are 3rd Row. Knit.
4th Row. P0 [2:2:0:2:2], * k1, p3, rep from * to
last 1 [3:3:1:3:3] sts, k1, p0 [2:2:0:2:2].
From 1st to 4th row sets 2nd patt.
Keeping continuity of patt as set cont until
back measures 12 [15:16:19:21:23]cm, (4¾ [6:
6¼:7½:8¼:9]in), ending with a ws row.

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Keyto Linker cabinet?
I just purchased what I thought was a Keyto knitting machine cabinet in its original box from a lady near me. I got it home and the instructions say "Linker Cabinet". Googled and cannot find a darn thing. Does anyone know what these are? I don't think it holds a knitting machine?
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Need help with one line 11 stitches
Hi, I am making a headband with only stitches but need help with one line this is a free pattern called Smidge Headband made with left over sock yarn or fingering.

Pattern Cast on 11 stitches then knit 4 rows in garter st. then start pattern

1st row-knit 2, yarn over, (problem stitch ) sk2p; slip 1, k2tog,psso----knit 2, yarn over,knit 2

2nd row-knit 2,purl 7, knit2 This is the whole pattern you just repeat until headband is nearly long enough to wrap around at desired point -leave 1 inch of space.

knit 3 rows & cast off, knit 1, *slip the st back to left needle & k2tbl. repeat until all st are cast off leaving long tail to sew the ends together, Block headband, but block hard widthwise, not lenghtwise else it might end up to loose when you wear it.

Help is needed on first row with the sk2p; slip 1,k2tog,psso I need this explained to me on how to do it.

Thank you-nanad
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