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Humpty Dumpty sweater.
Here's my version of the Humpty Dumpty sweater. The pattern was shared by a very kind KPer

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Quick gift for new born
Had to come up with something quick for a baby. One of my favourite fast projects - Dyning. This must be the 3rd I've done ..just changed the design on the yoke. Added a bonnet to match - The bonnet is an old Sirdar pattern I've had for over 30 years now.

Thanks for looking

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First entrelac project
Ive been knitting forever and this is the first time I did a entrelec project. It took me about six try’s and three videos and some written directions till I got it right. Then it was easy peasy.
I heard about how great Staci from very pink is, I thought that was the hardest to follow. Just my opinion😃

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What are your favorite DPNs?
Hi KPers, I am looking to purchase a set of DPNs to add to my needle arsenal. Need smaller sizes for some sock patterns (US0-US4). What are you favorites and what, if any, would you avoid. Thanks in advance!
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Softening Icelandic wool
What have you found to be the best method for softening Icelandic wool in a sweater?
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Critique My Crocheting
Perhaps I am still doing it to right. I am doing this left handed. I did this because I didn’t have knitting needles and thought I try crocheting. It is finally catching on. 😀

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Soft blue baby cardigan
This is an old pattern called Bronte 724. I can't remember where I got it, I didn't buy it myself so someone gave it to me years ago! The back is plain stocking stitch like the sleeves.

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Can't stop making these little dolls! (C)
These little dolls in their baskets with their very own mini Log Cabin Blankie are just so addictive!

Must have something to do with the fact that when I was little I LOVED dolls (in their cradles, prams etc). These little gems take me right back.

Plus .... they work up so quickly and are so very easy to make.

Will add to my stash of stuff for the Women's Shelter (for delivery later this month)

Thanks for looking.

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Pinafore dress from swedenme's knit along
Hope you all like. Lonh time since i knitted from a graph. Tension a bit off

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Self striping yarn
I am beginning to get tired of self-striping yarn. Is it just me? I see patterns I like and would like to knit them in specific colors, but it seems like everyone is making the self-striping yarn, nearly all yarns that I would like to knit with are self- striping especially ICE I realize this is just a fad, and someday it will go away — just venting.
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