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It is hard to part with my items
I hope I am not alone in this. I took some of the knitted toys to Knitting Club on Friday. It was so hard to put them in the bag and send them off. I took a picture of the ones I bagged up and I will likely knit them again. That's pretty goofy, right? They are knitted items afterall. If I am the only one, don't laugh too uproariously okay?!!
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2 in 1 Hat
This hat pattern is great for all skill levels, works up fast and will look good on most yarns. Best of all? You can flip the hat inside out and get another hat look. Great for some mindless knitting time.

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Swatch organizational printout n t...any ideas nowt and consult it when i’m Browsing ,.?.?...number the bags?...number them on my lis
N an effort to keep in mind some neat and pretty stitches in mind...(via Creative Grandma Stitch of the week), I have the printout of the stitches I want to use, and have made a swatch of each...I only have 3 right now, but I can see where this is going...i’m Making a list of each swatch, stitch name, yarn used on swatch and hook....NOW W.HAT....?

I’m thinking putting swatch in Zoploc, and folding my printout in there...but,..what, number the bags to coincide with my list numbers? them just in a jumble in a box?...that’ll be a mess, but I can’t think of anything else that would make it aquicker find ...seeing the swatch will be so much more reminding of the ffect the stitch gives, so better than a picture and i’ll Also know that I liked doing the stitch....

Any thoughts on organizing and tidy storage?

Thanks!..KPers are so resourceful!
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Fairy Leaves Baby Dress by Yarnspirations
Here's my latest version of the dress. I used Bernat Softee baby stripes yarn that I recently got at the tent sale.

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Hitchhiker's guide to KFB
Greetings fellow members of the pointed stick society. While vacationing in Cannon Beach, Oregon I purchased beautiful yarn to make the Hitchhiker scarf(it's been sitting in my file for ages). I do not like to do a KFB as the first and/or last stitch in a row. For those who have made this scarf, are there alternatives you have used, did you do the KFB as the second stitch and is there a number chart for each section before binding off the "teeth"? I'm binding off a total of 5 stitches per tooth but I may change this to 4 stitches per tooth. Decisions, decisions, and thank you for your help.
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button holes
I am driving myself crazy trying to make a simple button hole on a hanging towel. I have read directions , watched video over and over and over and can not get it. Going to lay it down and read a book. But the sad part, I have 3 finished and 2 ready to do button hole on both and have been working for 2 hours on one. I know I have a good book to read tonight so forgetting about button holes for the night.
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C - Halloween Hat
Crocheted this little spider web hat and put one of my colour changing spiders on it

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ribbing to DBJ
Now that I know I can use a fairisle pattern as a double bed jacquard, I have a few questions.
1. if I want to go from ribbing to DBJ, is it best to start on waste yarn and then add the ribbing after?
2. If I am using 2 color DBJ, do I double the amount of rows that the pattern calls for?
3. Will neck and shoulder shaping be done on just the main bed as usual? Thank you in advance for any input.
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Tiger hat
I made this tiger hat for my little neighbor. She is in First grade and the tiger is the school
Mascot. She is the cutest girl and very smart.

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Aldi craft in store
Aldi are selling chunky, aran and baby yarn on Thursday 19th September. They also have needles, hooks, kits, some sewing items too. You can buy now off the web site.
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