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Friends of Little Bear
Made these today. Both were knit in the round with size 6 needles. Same number of stitches and rows. Little Bear was knit using size 5 so he is smaller than these two.

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Afghan for Grandson
I just finish a fun afghan for my 5 year old grandson. I got this pattern from Mary Maxim.

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Help with selvedge
I am 9 rows into knitting a baby blanket and I forgot to add the 2 extra stitches for making a nice clean selvedge edge. Can I add the two stitches now and start the selvedge edge, or is it best to take it apart and start over.
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A Colourful Fiddle Bib for Alzheimers Persons 22-3-19
Here I decided to use all my left overs and buttons ribbons and wool to create something that Alzheirmers persons can be kept amused or recognise and it also has texture with colours to attract them to it. I have done it like a bib but it can be anchored anywhere on the table or arm and placed on their lap so they can "fiddle" with the different textures and maybe even recognise what they are and their uses . Nurses /carers can play the game of guessing or recognizing and what their uses are .

I hope to promote more of this kind in different shapes and with different items . Most importantly it will keep them busy and also try to recognise what they are touching. Then a discussion can happen with what they remember when using these items .

Notice I made it colourful and changes testures in the knit and purl, the smooth and the uneven layers .

More to be done so look out for the next posting

Thanks for looking in

Benita Perth W Australia
A fiddle bib for Nursing home clients with Alzheimers

When worn it looks like this on them it is also colourful .

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Am I understanding the row?
I'm starting BO, Boxy Sweater with Heart Edging by Kim Hargreaves. The row reads "K2, yfwd, patt to last 2 sts, yfwd, K2. Does "patt to..." mean repeat K2, yfwd to last 2 stitches and then yfwd, K2?
Thank you.
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Passap color changer not inline with lock
I am new to the Passap E6000, got an older one and I’ve just put it together. I’m trying to move the locks to thread the 2 color changer. The jaws don’t open wide enough to engage the feeding eyelet. It hits the feeding eyelet holder and jams. If I assist it to open just enough to slide on the holder it is still not where the inside grip can get the eyelet. Is there an adjustment I can make?
I don’t know if the machine worked before I received it.

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Prayers requested
I truly believe in the power of prayer and ask you to say a little one for us here. My MIL got a dire diagnosis at the doctor's today; I went for a test for one thing and they found something else that I have to grapple with first; and my youngest great aunt is sitting vigil with her husband, whose cancer has spread to all of the organs in his abdominal cavity. The doctors have given up and are sending him home. I'm struggling with too much at once here, my poor hub is beside himself and we could use a little divine intervention right about now. Thanks in advance to those who take a moment to ask for strength and guidance for us.
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This is a free pattern I located on the Webbs website. I enjoyed knitting this garment for my co-workers daughter and hope she will enjoy wearing it. I used a discontinued yarn and sweat through this entire project hoping I have enough yarn. I finished the garment right before my yarn was used-up. Lesson learned. The yarn I used was Cotton-Ease from Lion Brand Yarn - color: bubble-gum.
The yarn knit very, very nicely and I hope the company will produce something "like this yarn" again soon. Thanks for looking.

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Advise needed for knitted vest
I want to knit a vest by Noro called Sideways Stripes Vest. My question to you eXperts is: Do I have to knit from center back across one side OR could I start from the front edge and knit it completely around to the other front? Maybe do a purl row where the provisional cast on would have gone?? Some Input is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much sue
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Baby blanket and elephant
My youngest son’s wife is expecting in May.
That is son. can’t get spell check to behave.

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