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Isadora Doll Set Free Vintage Knitting Pattern
Isadora Doll Set Free Vintage Knitting Pattern

Dress, Coat, Bonnet, Vest, Panties and Bootees For Large Baby Doll
1940s Style Knitted in 3ply/Fingering Wool. Original in Snow White

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Cardigan and boot toppers
These had been two projects put on back burner needing sewn up and washed . Lovely day yesterday so finally complete , washed and dried. Thank you for looking.

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Yarns and yarn substitution
Don't you hate it when you find a pattern you like and the yarn recommended is not available in your Country!! I live in Australia and a lot of yarns are not available here in Australia. Does someone know what the yarn substitute is for Drops Air please....

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Forgot to Slip a Stitch
I am knitting socks from a pattern from Alice Yu’s book Socktopus pg 48. Called V Junkie. It calls for knit 5, slip 1, knit 5, slip one, all around the leg of the sock. This makes the slipped stitch elongated.
I knitted the stitch that I was supposed to slip. Now I’m three rows past. How do I fix it?
Any suggestions are appreciated other than tinking because the stitches are so very small and I’d have a hard time getting all the stitches back on the needles.
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Update to “what yarn to use”
This is the end result of my wrap, maybe some of you remember I asked about yarn and color to use for the border.
I ended up using lion brand Landscape Bordeaux.
I love how it turned out and am getting lots of compliments.
Thank you all for letting me bend your ear...

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a change from a pompom
Wanted to try something other than a pompom for a hat topper.

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Another Cuddly - Gypsycream design
Decided to knit a different hat for this little guy!

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Latest knitting for grandchildren
First 2 cardigans are going to England & next 2 are for granddaughter on Gold Coast & blanket for her soon to be born brother.
She will be 1 on June 15th & little brother will be born on June17th . So excited
We have another grandchild due in November in NZ

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Onesie knit along
Can y’all help me here. I started the onesie and was so excited to get the next part of the pattern, but unfortunately haven’t seen anything posted. Am I looking in the wrong place? Please help - I really want to complete. Thanks a bunch!
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hat and booties
Owl hats and baby booties

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