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This year's irises
All this cool rainy weather we've had has really produced some stunning irises!! Hope you enjoy!!

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machine and fair isle sweater
Hi there everyone, can I just say a big thank you to all who helped me achieve this jumper. The bottom half is machine knitted ( in no time at all) and the top yoke is hand knitted, this took a week. but I am pleased I got there in the end. It has been a mixture of help from all sorts of places, including Shetland, but I put it all together, and made a bit up as well and this is the result. Sorry the left sleeve is twisted, I had a long sleeved t.shirt underneath that was pulling it round.

Onwards and upwards, going to do one from the top down now, and graft the two pieces together and see if that works. fingers crossed.

Thanks Marion

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Poncho in red shades
My last addition - Poncho in red shades

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Yarn 4 ply Grey/Pink
Would like any suggestions for a sophisticated greyed pink 4 ply yarn. Want to knit a cowl for my dil. She likes pink but what I call grown up colour of a greyey pink!!
Any suggestions on easy to obtain yarns most welcome.
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Yarn for Pocket Poppets
I need some help in deciding which or what yarn to buy in order to make one of these dolls. I usually know what I want for shawls, hats, mitts, sweaters etc., but I am at a loss as to what yarn to use to make these dolls. Anyone out there that has made them...can you please help? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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A request
If you post a picture of something you made can you put the name of the pattern in the post? It would be so helpful for those that admire the item and want to make it. Thanks!
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Little Girl's purse
My granddaughter Sophie asked me to make her a little purse. I of course said yes. She loves all the things I make for her. I am hoping one day to teach her to knit.

So here it is. Sorry no pattern. I just winged it. I used the cable braided knit stitch because it makes a sturdy pattern.

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My Knitted Doll book - first attempt
Well, here's Martha, my first attempt at a doll from Louise Crowther's book, "My Knitted Doll."

The needles were small, but so was the cotton yarn (finer than the DK I'd been using for other toy projects), and they produced a nice, firm fabric.

There are 11 girls and 1 boy pattern, each having distinctive personalities marked by various hairdos, shoestyles (Mary Janes, boots, sneakers) and accessories. Martha wears striped undies, and her jeans have a belt and belt loops.

I appreciated the numerous, detailed photos, and the directions were clear.

I did, however, have a tussle attaching the Mary Janes to the feet, seaming and ripping them out twice (!) until I realized I was seaming the wrong (lower/shorter instead of upper/longer edge) edge of the shoe piece.

Martha will go to a young friend to help celebrate her birthday in a few weeks (from one doll to another). Then it will be time for me to choose a doll to knit for me!

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Deramores has a free pattern for a Beach Themed Blanket. Anyone going to join me in making it?
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Gabriels' Hat 2019/62-64
More done and many more that i must still sew up.

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