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Magic knot
Any opinions on magic knot? I have never used it, I always weave my ends in but I do hate that last part. And if you're doing a blanket where you have multiple color switches, it's really laborious!
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General Question
I'm knitting a sweater in garter stitch and want to do the collar, button hole panels and cuffs in seed stitch. I know stockinette stitch is loose than garter, but will the seed stitch cause it to pucker? Or is it the same density as garter stitch?
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These are some shelves given to me many years ago. About 30. The small I use for DPN and crochet hooks.

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How to wash baby blanket
Just finished Baby Cuddly Blanket for my new great granddaughter. Pleased at how well it turned out. Used Plymouth Encore Chunky (75% acrylic, 25% wool) label says machine wash gentle & tumble dry low.
Question: Has anyone done this? Does it shrink? Should I just wash & block it myself. All suggestions welcome as I am new to knitting with washable yarns.
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Looking for a stitch pattern!
Oooh boy...down to the wire. I asked my son to find a picture of the mittens that he'd like me to make for him. So he sends me a picture that I can kind of see the stitch pattern but the Etsy shop is closed and I can't ask the shop owner about it, nor can I do a Google image search probably because the picture is on an Etsy site.

Does anyone have a good guess what this stitch pattern might be?
a screenshot of the mittens

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Taking Gramma out for lunch.
Taking Gramma out for lunch.

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Looking for a post about a Russian baby bonnet (K)
Sorry to be asking, I saw a post a few days ago, another member was asking for a translation. No I didn't comment on it (slap wrist) No I didn't book mark it (slap other wrist).
It was a cute bonnet in garter st with a cable going from one side to the other, ring any bells?
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DK vs Worsted
This may have been asked before but what is your preference DK or Worsted and why?
Which do you use more and for what type of projects?

For instance, I tend to find myself using the DK for lapghans and or afghans lately. The slightly lighter weight is more manageable for me as the project gets larger and thereby heavier.
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Pattern help please
One of the members in our knitting group passed on a couple of years ago. Her sister was getting the house ready to sell and found multiple projects, I inherited one but don’t know the pattern, I would like to finish it. Please help if you can or send a link. Thank you in advance.

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I’m knitting my granddaughter a sweater (top down), the body, of which, is garter stitch . Does anyone have a recommendation for a good looking bindoff for garter stitch? Thanks.
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