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Two latest knits
Baby sweater for ggs expected in november.....second one a knitted jacket for my 5 yr old gs, just need to sew in zipper...put it somewhere. Of course cannot find it!! Both are knit with Ice Yarns, the jacket i added Red Heart beige .

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Old Pineapple pattern doily my mother made C)
A few weeks ago I posted what I thought was the pineapple pattern doily and was corrected as I was quite wrong. I found this one recently and "revived" it in a Napisan soak overnight as it is many years old and thankfully some stains have come out. My mother died on 21/8/96...I am feeling quite sad this week ..for various reasons..but thought and hope of course that I have the right pattern now to show you . Mum was born in 1908 and had a long life.. but I miss her so much even now. Thanks for looking at her exquisite work now.
The pineapple crocheted doily

The wheat sheaf pattern

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Blocking wires
I am a long time knitter, but new to this site. I am so enjoying reading everything and have learned so much. Thank you! I knit many scarves and baby blankets which I usually block. Pins do not always work so I am thinking of getting the wires. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind I buy? Or any hints on using wires? TIA
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HiyaHiya needle tips with Chiaogoo Cables
G'day everyone
I am new to KP, and enjoy reading all the advice and admire how everyone is so helpful. I have been knitting for many years nothing fancy just simple knitting. Now that I have rediscovered the soothing quality of knitting I find that straight needles get heavy as my knitting grows. Ok no problem I tried circular needles to knit with, problem solved. After watching many reviews I invested in interchangeable sets both Hiya Hiya and Chiaogoo. I keep returning to the the Hiya hiya needles but do like the Chiaogoo cables.
After visiting you tube and watching reviews of both I noticed in the comments section that you can use the HiyaHiya needle tips with the Chiaogoo cables it is a matter of adaptors. Annoyingly the type of adaptor is never mentioned. Is this possible? Does anyone here combine the two and if so how? Thank you for any help provided.
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convertible mitts - flip top dilemma
I am about to start the flip top for convertible mitts, but have a question? Is it preferable to knit the top separately, and attach once complete? Or, pick up stitches on the back, cast on extra stitches, and complete the top. If casting on extra stitches for the second option, which cast on method is recommended?
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Leaf lace scarf
Hi there fellow knitters! I bought some beautiful wool/bamboo in a mossy green color. I decided to knit it wider to make it a shawl instead. It’s knit in 2 halves then kitchener stitched together. The middle is stockinette stitch. I don’t want it to curl too much there & be thinner than the leaf stitch ends. I’m using a size 9 circular & thought if I switched to a size 11 for the stockinette portion that this would solve that issue. What do y’all think?

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Intarsia Carriage for a Brother KX350?
I recently acquired a Brother mid-gauge KX350 knitting machine. Is there an intarsia made for/or compatible with the Brother KX350, 7mm mid-gauge knitting machine?
Thanks for your assistance,
Terry in Venice, Florida
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fur pompoms
How do you attach the fur pompoms to your hats? I recently put one of these pompoms on a hat I made for my niece and I'm pretty sure it's going to fall off. The pompom had a small elastic loop on it, but I couldn't figure out the best way to attach.
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Twin trees afghan
334 rows, 72,812 stitches, and 436 pieces of fringe and the twin trees afghan is complete. Pattern from Mary Maxim, yarn is bernat premium.

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New Makes
Phone Hoodie, school colors for Montana State Bobcats, google phone hoodie, sorry I don't do links, these sell so well of other school colors, at our Market, but take a bit of time to make. I did a moss stitch around the edge of the hood for a bit of contrast. Oh, I see by the picture I forgot the ties on the hoodie that I like to add too. Will do some in blue.

Little hat, no specific pattern, cast on 62 stitches, make a yarn over, Knit two together row, for the eyelets. I knit in the round.
Sweater is Marianne's pattern, it is Caron Soft with a very fine eye lash type nylon yarn mixed in. I added a couple rows of ribbing on the sleeves and bottom for a bit of a change.

I will be making the hoodies again in Oct. and will post on KP for sale.

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