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puzzled over pattern
I have bought this lovelly cardi patterns ans stunned to find it said to cast on 290 stitches for the back in my size., it seems a huge amount to me. I have compared similar patterns and they are much less

I inthended to work it in Cascade 220 superwash which is considered light worsted which is also comsidered a DK which the pattern is. The Cascade is almost right for the gauge

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Knitted appliques for grandaughter afghan
I am knitting a C 2 C "comfort" afghan for my granddaughter and am running out of time to knit small appliques like flowers/leaves/bunnies etc to attach to the finished piece.
I am knitting in chunky yarn.
Has anyone got a site where I might purchase knitted appliques to sew onto the blanket for her Christmas? I want to give her something warm special and personal since her mom left.
My KP friends always come up with a plan
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Some things Ive completed this month
Socks for my daughter, Peppa Pig is for my Granddaughter for Christmas and my Alan Dart Steeler gnome. Im donating him to a fund raiser at my local YWCA.

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train cars quilt completed for a new grandson
Not sure if only knitting articles can be displayed on this site, but wanted to share a difficult undertaking I just completed. Obviously, this is more for a child than a newborn, but hope he'll enjoy it one day.

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snowflower sweater completed
This was a challenge from the start, which is why I tackled it. Had never started a sweater in the middle before . . .and with a crochet cast on at that. Could have probably made a medium instead of the small size,as I'm used to more "room". But, all in all, I'm pleased with the outcome.

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Labels for socks?
I am looking for some nice way to gift my socks for Christmas or birthdays, I have seen some have labels on them that look really nice. The labels were about four inches wide (just a guess) that wrapped around the socks but I would just be happy with any ideas that have been used and where to find them. Thank you.
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Mickey and Minnie felt hat
I had asked for the graphs. The lady was nice to send them to me. I can’t find the feed or the name of the nice lady. I want to ask what hat pattern did you use?
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I have started a 1898 hat but I wanted to make the band with faux fur so I started to use I lash yarn plus another yarn using the reg pattern but the gauge is way wrong but without the reg. Yarn in might not be warm enough any suggestions hank you
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My Anisah by Dee OKeefe
I just finished what will not be my last Anisah shawl. This is a prayer shawl for my sister in law who will be having surgery soon. I love the squishy garter stitch and the pretty cable trellis. Like others have said, Dees instructions were very clear and a pleasure to knit. Mine came out a little smaller than the schematic but is a great size for a bed jacket. I will make my next one a little larger. I was playing yarn chicken (again!) so I did not have the option of continuing. The yarn is Big Twist Sincerely in color Pink Denim from Joanns. It is acrylic and lightly variegated in pink and white tones and prettier in person than photo shows. on to another shawl.

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Big Feet Socks
My grandsons (12 & 15) both asked for socks. When I asked them their shoe sizes I got 12 year old wears 13 and the older one 14. I can’t believe they’ve gotten so big.

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