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C - Hats for Cancer Awareness Month
Latest hats for our local Cancer Centre.

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Crocheted Hoodie with flowers - Another item to sell at the Holiday Craft fair
What started out as a simple hooded pattern in chunky yarn ends up with flowers, as it initially looked so "plain." Sure hope this one sells!

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elevated back neck on a fair-isle or icelandic sweater
Some patterned yoke sweater directions call for elevating the back neck for a better fit.
This is done through short rows or other techniques, such as turning the work at intervals and slipping the next stitch to prevent holes.
If you look at yoke sweaters (the fair isle/icelandic ones), the neckline is wide and scoopy.
I assume that many people wear them this way as this is the traditional shape/design.
I'd like some perspective on whether elevating the back neck is worth doing and what method to use.
And whether the non-elevated back neck really does pose fit problem.
Thanks in advance to anyone advising on this...
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More hand-knitted dress dishcloths for an upcoming Holiday Craft Fair. What should I sell them for????
What price would you sell this item for? Keep in mind that the bottle of Palmolive dish washing liquid will be included with the purchase. Initially, my thought was $10 but I don't want to overprice this item. This will be my "bargain" item, and probably the smallest item that I will be selling, in addition to a few festive headbands. I have to also keep in mind that this is not an "attic sale" per see, but a craft show that will be taking place in a very nice area.

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Baby Alpaca Yarn
I located this quality yarn at a Goodwill Store last weekend. Could not believe my eyes: Clean, beautiful, soft, 100% Alpaca yarn.....absolutely wonderful. Of course I cannot ignore such quality find. It was enough yarn to complete a hat and some matching socks for my 1 year old grandson.

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Reindeer Mittens
I located this adorable mitten's pattern in the KNIT SIMPLE MAGAZINE, HOLIDAY 2019 EDITION. It was love on first sight.....I had to get my stash ready and go for it right away. Very easy to follow the instructions and the outcome you can see for yourself on the picture. I think the mittens are cute and hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do. Thanks for looking!

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Just venting a little
Not really help needed, but...

I've been casting on for the second slipper of a pair I am making for myself for... 3 times now - and somehow I manage to get the stitch count wrong each time, and it looks now I've casted 2 stitches too much.
I've been with bad asthma for more than a week and a half now and this yarn really irritates me - it is wool and is really nice for my feet, and works ok as long as it is far enough from my airways... but is a torture to work with. Especially when I can't even use facial mask (I just can't breather through it when I'm bad). Why I'm not just working with something else while I am like this... I couldn't really answer. I just want it done, I haven't written the pattern and prefer to do it while I remember what I've done, I guess... But... how can I not be able to count!?
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Block patterns to knit
Hello all...Dazeoffchar showed off her gorgeous Afghan which she finally finished after 5 years from a book called Building Blocks. Does anyone know where I can get a selection of these patterns without having to buy the book? It’s very costly...I’d rather not have to buy it. Thanking you ahead.
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Has anyone done the Arabella Cowl.....uses mobius method. Before I buy the pattern I need to know how difficult this method is to do. Thanks!!
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Best buttonhole for adult cardigan, please
I'm knitting a cardi in DK; it has a 11 stitch K1P1 rib bottonband. Would a vertical or horizonal buttonhole be best, and if so which sort? (Pattern says 4 stitch horizontal but I'm not sure...) Thanks.
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