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Caron Cake yarn
Is there any significant difference, other than the size of the cake, between Caron Cake and Caron Big Cake? I found a colorway in the Big Cake that wasn’t available in the smaller Cake yarn. The pattern I’m using calls for Caron Cake and I’m wondering if there is a significant difference between the two that could Cause a problem.
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Shawl Question
Good day, fellow KPers,

I am thinking of knitting a shawl that casts on a large amount of stitches and then decreases. So a triangle. I don't find any knitting patterns that do this, and wonder if there is a problem with my idea?

Any input would be very appreciated.

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HELP ! Motor not responding

I'm having issues with my Passap electronic 6000, which is working with a electra 3000A motor.
When I want to knit, I press down on the pedal, and it's not responding. (Or once in a while)
There are two wires beneath the beds that have been cut (when I disassembled the machine to put it away). They are literally beneath the beds, and I can't find where they would connect to AT ALL since I reassembled the machine.

It would appear the issue is with the motor responding to the pedal.

Do anyone have the faintest idea how to solve this issue ?

Thanks so much !

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Please help with shawl neckline
I would like to make a knitted triangular shawl with a slight scoop at the neckline so it does not bunch up behind the neck when pulled up over the shoulders. Many Faroese shawls seem to have this feature but I would like to add it to a nice triangle like LenaB's or half of a corner-to-corner. I would appreciate it if someone could explain how to do it or point me to a pattern or written directions. I have done internet searches but not found it, maybe because of my wording. Thanks.
Autumn Crocus
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New hat, lesson learned
I am probably not going to use bfl/silk (black) with Panda Silk (white, recycled from a mistake sock without prewashing the kinks out first).
I now realize the silk diminishes the elasticity of the wool, and bfl does not have the same quality of crimp that merino has. When will I ever learn. Duh I knew better, but I still love the feel of bfl.
Pattern from Colorwork Creations by Susan Anderson-Freed. And yes I did improvise at the start.

Prior to adding the pom pom

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Sari silk, someone was looking for some
If I'm in the wrong place forgive me or not.

Someone was looking for sari silk, I have searched, can't find them, if that person reads this let me know, I have a small amount left over,

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Number of stitches
I am using a 5 ply wool. I would like to know if anyone could tell me how many stitches should I cast on for 3 -6month old baby pls.0-3 months is rather small.thanks a lot.
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Another sloppy joe in Aran weight. This time for Charlie.
You might remember that I knitted one for Orson in wine and cream bands. This is a James C. Brett Acrylic. Marble. together with some others that I had in my stash. I like how it came out. Nice and warm.

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what you recommend a stork patient
if I want to knit what you suggest when easy no one here to help or ask help
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Test Knit set up
I've joined Yarnpond and have a test knit set up for the Shmoneh Shweater. It's a unisex sweater available in 6 sizes (34, 38, 42, 46, 50, and 54).

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