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...did a double take the first time I saw this...

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I’m currently crocheting a cowl and there’s a stitch called the bead stitch. What I’m having a problem with is the yarn, it’s called “Cannons Simply Soft”, it keeps dividing it’s threads when I’m pulling through to make the bead it’s driving me crazy does anybody have suggestions on how to stop this?
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Interchangeable needle brands price questions
Hi. I was wondering what the price is for clover Tajikistan bamboo interchangeable set in Michael stores in Canada?

Is interchangeable sets in canadian prices more than us prices like Chiagoo and Addis?

What do you think?
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#%$&! Malibrigo!
I have 6 hanks of Malibrigo in my stash designated to be a sweater for me. Yesterday I decided this was the time, dug out the pattern, etc. But when I went to wind the yarn, it was almost impossible! I normally wind yard by putting the unwound hank over my arms, and then slowly pull off the strand as I wind it into a ball. Here I kept running into trouble, almost with the yarn in knots, and having to move the ball through strands of yarn. Part of the problem was that it appeared that the yarn was stuck to itself. It took me about 3 hours, with DH helping at the end by doing the winding onto the ball, to get through one skein. How am I going to get through 5 more?

Note: I don't own a swift. I don't want to take the yarn to my nearest LYS because I bought it online.

Help! -- and thanks.
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New family member :-D
Hello everyone My DGDs have a new family member.
I hope you like these hats. Thanks for your time.

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Kit from Willow Yarn size 19 needles hands are tired but wanted to finish tomorrow is supposed to be high of 8 degrees can’t wait to wrap myself up in it!

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Aideen in Ancient Arts
This is my second Aideen by Dee O’Keefe and I just love every stitch. Pattern is layed out simply and easily.

I believe I shall keep this one for myself.

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DK - 20th Portuguese Water Dog Panel
Feels good to get back to my pet project. I designed the panels with an app called Stitchfiddle.

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Dish Cloth Question
Has anyone ever used Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend yarn for dish cloths.\? It is 50/50 cotton/ poly.
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