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Lacy Cardigan
Finally finished my lacy cardigan

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Double points
Question please. I have just started knitting with dp needles. I have mastered (sort of) three needles and am ok with those, but the fourth needles is making me crazy! I’m trying to make some fingerless mitts, using only three needles although the pattern calls for division of stitches over four needles. Can I continue this way? What do I do when it comes to the thumb? This probably sounds pretty dumb, but if I could continue with the three needle configuration, I think I could actually finish these. Thanks for any input you have on this.
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Seeking tips for keeping Brother Ribber knitting smoothly. Mine gets persnickety after 10 rows
Hello knitters!

I'm knitting on a Brother KH-890 with a Brother ribber KR-850E. We've been coming acquainted over the last several weeks. I've given the carriages + beds a hearty cleaning. I have the main bed and carriage working like a champ, checking each function. All is fine on that front. I've recently cleaned the ribber + carriage (kroil on levers. Full cleaning and lubrication, knitting bar check/refill, etc). I've attached the ribber and have been experimenting.

I've completed several ribbing samples (1x1) and all is fine. I'm now trying a circular knit.

I see that the position of the ribber is critical, as are the positioning of the clamps, with reference to your table. !! I also understand the importance of tension and weights.

I'm able to circularly knit and everything works like a dream. Super smooth. Like butter.


Things get more challenging, and only generally in one direction of the carriages. Hrmmm....

I've been tweaking the clamps. And the bolts on the KR Setting Plates. That helps a bit. I've also been tweaking the grip shaft. Doing these things tends to help for a short while, but need constant tweaking in order to get the carriage over it's persnickety hump. But it's never back to the point after the initial attachment of the bed.

I'm guessing that things are moving around too much, to keep a tight connection between the beds.

********* Does anyone have any tips for a tight adherence of the ribber carriage to the ribber bed? *******************

If I hold the ribber carriage snug to the bed manually, everything is fine. It knits like butter. Is there a setting for this?

After I knit a bit, things get caught up on gate pegs. Is that due to the weights? Or yarn tension?

Or perhaps I'm missing something else? I do see how everything must be perfect for the machine to function properly. I'm noting all the points, but perhaps I'm missing one in this case. Hmmmm

Thanks in advance for your time and insights.

How can I prevent this mess on the left? See below

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Justification for stash!
My DH took a motorcycle ride, so I thought it would be a good time to organize some yarn. I got caught up in the project and lost track of time. Sure enough, he came home to see yarn spread out everywhere. Very calmly he asked if the time would ever come when I would have enough yarn. He added that five people couldn't use up all this yarn in their lifetimes! I didn't think fast enough to give a clever answer, but later...

Five people? Five lifetimes? I have to be ready just in case I develop a multiple personality disorder!
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Newtown Pennsylvania store closing
A store in Newtown, PA USA is closing its doors at the end of March. Everything is 57% off. Lovely store and a huge amount of stock is still available. The name of the store is Knit and it is on State Road. They also have a Facebook page.
10 State Rd
Newtown, PA 18940 USA
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gauge for baby sweater
I have made a baby sweater using red heart yarn for senior center. The pattern I used is an old pattern that my Mom got from a yarn store free if you bought the yarn. It does not have the gauge on the pattern. I use needles size 3 for the ribbing and size 5 for the body and sleeves. It came out big. What size needles do I use to make it smaller the next time. I always get confused it what direction I should go for the correct needle size. Thanks
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New to me...
Red heart hygge(hoo-gah) yarn. So soft you just want to squeeze it. Would make a beautiful shawl or scarf. I picked up a skein at Walmart yesterday. Only $4.69. Just because I liked it.
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Bargello Knit Scarf
I have never done lace in knitting or intarsia........until now! This pattern is LE5625 Bargello Knit Scarf from Red Heart. The yarn is Yarn Bee Dazzling,HL255901 Art 1102 Color Pool/25

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Any info on a KnitKing KR 880 ribber

I've been looking at possibly purchasing a KnitKing KR 880 ribber but I can't seem to find any information about this ribber, therefore I don't know if it would work with a Brother 890 knitting machine. I've Googled it a number of ways and can't seem to find a manual or any other information. Does anyone have any information about this particular ribber attachment? Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.
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Broke K needle
Almost finished my wrap when the plastic very old needle snapped
I am either toooooo strong or it is toooooo old
Will pick up on bamboo needles so need to not use my old plastic any more even although I like them to knit with them.

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