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Sweater complete
Button is sewn on and, it is ready to give to Harper

She likes the cup I gave her - uses it every day. I actually bought the cup for Violet when she was about three to use when she came over. I guess she thought she was too old for it - likes to use my nice Anthropologie glasses!

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measuring armholes on cards
am knitting a cardigan for me---am now on the armholes--how do I measure? from the bind offs or from were I start to decrease one on each end? am confused please help

many thanks
Joan in Fairfax VA
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Christmas Stockings - Thank you Gypsycream!! (K)
Some of the items I worked on recently for our craft sale.

Stocking, Elf and Penguin patterns were all well-written and very easy to follow - fun to make!

The Snowbabies were a kit from Mary Maxim. My one complaint would be - only one doll included in the kit; had to pay extra for the other four! Patterns were well written and easy to follow.
3D Stockings and Wine Bottle Sweater

Christmas Stockings, Elf and Penguin

Snowman Stocking, Mary Maxim Snowbabies

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Simple Baby booties on a bulky machine
I have a 96 year old that I am teaching and she wants to make baby booties. The only thing is she has a bulky and a baby's foot is so small it is hard to get it down in size. I would appreciate any simple pattern if available.
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Snugglepot and Cuddlepie - Gumnut Babies (Australia)
3 of my 4 Granddaughters attend Theatre Bugs and this year they performed from the Boo Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. This is a very popular children's book in Australia - Author May Gibbs.

Of course they needed Gumnut Hats and as 2 were also Kookaburras they needed wings. Needless to say Grandma made them.

Leanna x
3 hats

Kookaburra Wings




Pics from the book

Gumnut Baby hat

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Just sharing ( Knitting) SL

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Yuki the Snow Dragon - have finally tested my pattern
Last year I entered this Snow Dragon into a crochet competition - it's taken me a year to re-write and test the pattern. So pleased that with a few changes, the second one looks like the first one. Grandson Jarvis is getting this one as he loved the first one but I'm keeping that one.

Leanna x

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Granddaughter's scarf n blanket
Knitted the blanket for my Granddaughter for her birthday and the scarf for Christmas, hope she likes them.
Knitted blanket n scarf using Mary Maxim Aran Irish Tweed = finished size fits queen bed using 10 1/2 needles


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Help Please With Double Bed Tuck
I have a KH 260 w/KR 260 ribber. I can can produce tuck stitches perfectly using main bed only, but cannot do so with double bed. The same punch card used to produce tuck patterns on main bed will not tuck stitches on main bed with ribber attached. It will only select EON and knit 1 x 1 ribbing. Is there a special punch card I need for this? Thanks to all for any help!
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C - Another Commissioned Cowl Finished!
Just love the richness of this colour!

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