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I spy with my little....who’s the knitter?
AARP care giver commercial.....who’s the knitter? Hint: A handsome man..... 🧶
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Toybox Puppy
For those of you who aren't tired of seeing my puppies here's my newest one. The yarn I used on it is Red Heart Hygge Fur. I had never seen it before but was led to by our very own Gypsycream so of course I had to try it. It is very similar to Wendy Eider and Peter Pan Precious and is perfect for huggables. Hope you enjoy seeing this little pup.

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Any substitute for Berroco ribbon yarn?
Has anyone substituted a worsted yarn for the ribbon yarn? Sure will appreciate some help - or even just a clue or two cuz I can't afford the Berroco for the top daughter wants. Thanks/e
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Another phone sweater
I left off the hood and pouch this time.

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Hopes and Dreams Shawl
I just finished my Hopes and Dreams Shawl by Agnes Kutas . Its not blocked yet ,but this is how it turned out. I will post the blocked version when its finished. It was truly fun to knit.

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Gringa Shrug
Anyone familiar with Long Buckby chart patterns? I've been trying to figure out a stitch count; pattern tells me I should have 31 stitches but I have 26!!!+ ARGH. The rub is at first column on left where it reads 31 sets at armhole. I'm confident you all.can help.

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Gauntlet mitts
The owner of the craft store on the main street is planning a mittens Christmas tree. She would like people to donate a pair of mittens in any size to decorate the tree. Then as Christmas gets close she will donate them all. I tried my hand at gauntlet mitts in child size. I will show them to her. They may not be the quality she is looking for. I am better at regular mittens. I will include a picture of the book where I found the pattern. I have had the book for years. I used Martha Stewart yarn. It has 35% wool. Sue would like everyone to include a note with the mitts if the yarn includes wool, as some people are sensitive to wool. I think that is a good plan.

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other uses for color-fast crochet cotton
Every once in a while, I am gifted with a bag of colorful "balls" of crochet cotton. Being tired of the ugly color that the usual cotton yarn for wash/dish cloths turns after use, I decided to try the crochet cotton. It's color-fast & mercerized. I combine 4 or 5 strands and knit a dish cloth on sz 9 or 10 needles. So far I have been very pleased with the results; the old dish cloths have been relegated to the rag bag and the new ones are working quite well. Time will tell, but so far, so good.
Any thoughts? Thanks! pj stitches!
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Variation on C C beanie copycat hat
I too saw the C C Beanie (on my granddaughter) and wanted to copy it. I couldn't decide whether it was machine or hand knitted. It was seamed, so it was knitted flat. I wanted to machine knit it, but don't have a ribber attachment and reworking all the stitches just wasn't worth the effort. When I saw the Clementine copycat beanie, I had to give it a go. The hat does not have plain 1x1 ribbing in the body, it is brioche. Here is my take on the hat.

Using a provisional cast on, size 8 needles and a bulky yarn:

Cast on 72 stitches and work one knit row and one plain 1x1 rib row, join in the round. (The plain knit row keeps the later join from being too bulky.)

Knit ribbing one twisted knit stitch, one plain purl stitch for 3 ¾ to 4 inches

Join the stitches from the cast on with the stitches on the needles by knitting one from the needles with one from the cast on around. This is easier if the cast on stitches are picked up onto a stitch holder a few at a time.

Knit one row.

Repeat the following 3 times:

Purl 6 rows
Knit 2 rows
Change to smaller needles (size 3 or 4)
Knit 4 rows one color brioche (total of 8 times around)
Change back to larger needles
Knit 2 rows

After the last repeat, knit 3 more rows
Knit 2 tog around
Knit 3 rows
Knit 2tog around
Cut yarn and thread through stitches and tie off.

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Something I rarely do, I know...I should. Well this time I did. Pattern calls for US 5 needle, with 24 stitches per 4 inches. I did a swatch with US 5 and got 26 stitches in 4 inches. Then did a swatch with US 6 and got 22 stitches in 4 inches.
Now What??? Brain is not in full gear... not nearly enough sleep last night.
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